WTB Rolls out SG2 Puncture Protection on Gravel Tires

Always wanting to improve their tires, WTB has just announced a new casing for their gravel tires measuring at least 37mm wide. This casing is dubbed SG2, and is an ultra-thin nylon insert that coveres the tire from bead to bead under a 120 tpi casing. This means the 120 tpi casing will ride like a lightweight tire but will offer complete protection against snake bites and other potential damage.

These SG2 gravel tires only come in black sidewalls and will see a  5-10% weight gain over their 60tpi counterparts without puncture protection. This translates to a 15-50 gram increase in weight, depending on the width of the tire. All the WTB 60tpi tires that we’ve come to trust over the years are still available with an MSRP of $59.95, while all SG2-protected 120tpi gravel tires have an MSRP of $69.95.

The entire gravel tire line is currently in stock and can be ordered from your favorite local bike shop or WTB.com.