New WTB Tires: Lighter, Faster, Stronger.


New WTB Tires: Lighter, Faster, Stronger.

WTB announces the addition of four new tires to its already extensive portfolio of rubber, plus new casing tech that features in the lightest and fastest treads.

Vulpine S – A High-Performance Gravel Race Tire

For racers aiming to maximize straight-line speed without sacrificing grip in the corners, Vulpine S is the perfect choice. A solid centerline delivers pure speed, while tightly packed small knobs bite into the dirt as you lean through turns.

Gravel racers Whitney and Zack Allison put the Vulpine S to the test during the 8-day Transcordilleras bikepacking gravel race in Colombia, as well as the grueling 200-mile Unbound Gravel in Kansas, among other events. “The Vulpine S tires are the best of all worlds: generous volume and some side tread for chunky terrain with a smooth center tread to keep the speed,” Zack Allison said. Beneath the tread, the speedy, supple, and durable 120tpi SG TCS tubeless-ready casing enhances ride comfort, offers ample protection, and keeps weight to an absolute minimum. “This tire puts the fun in gravel. I ran this thing across Colombia this spring for 60 hours in 8 days and had zero issues. In fact, I still am running it,” Whitney Allison said.

The 700c Vulpine S is available in 40mm and 45mm widths, in both black and tan sidewalls, for $69.95 / €59.95 / £65.00.

Vulpine 45 – A Bigger Version of an All-Around Gravel Classic

Gravel riders love the Vulpine tread for its blend of efficiency and confident traction. Now the 36mm and 40mm Vulpine tires have a new sibling with the 45mm edition. It boasts the same Dual DNA compound found in the Vulpine S but offers even more grip in the center portion of the tread. Tightly spaced knobs along the centerline ensure fast rolling while maintaining good grip when out of the saddle on steep, loose climbs. Additionally, the short knobs on the shoulder provide extra grip without adding unnecessary bulk that could slow you down.

The Vulpine 45 is available in 700c, featuring a supple and lightweight 120tpi TCS tubeless ready casing with SG puncture protection in the sidewalls, and comes with a choice of black or tan sidewalls for $69.95 / €59.95 / £65.00.

Resolute 50 – The Ultimate in Robust, All-Weather Gravel Riding

For riders who prioritize durability and maximum comfort on the roughest and wettest of gravel rides, the Resolute has long been the go-to choice. Now the tire is available in a 50mm version, offering even more flotation, confidence, and comfort over rowdy roads and trails. Make no mistake, the Resolute 50 is designed for speed, featuring a supple 120tpi TCS tubeless-ready casing, a Dual DNA rubber compound, and bead-to-bead SG2 puncture protection.

A tight and consistent centerline ensures impressive rolling efficiency for clocking up the miles, while the small, square knobs deliver predictable bite into a variety of terrain and conditions. The rounded edges on the knobs, combined with the wide spacing of the transition and side knobs ensure efficient mud clearing and consistent traction even on the wettest days. Along with its incredibly versatile tread, the extra volume offered by the Resolute 50 makes it a great choice for those seeking to conquer the unconquered.

The Resolute 50 is available in both Black and Tan casing options and with an MSRP of $69.95 / €59.95 / £65.00.

WTB Macro 2.4: XC Gets Faster, Lighter, Stronger

Cross-country racers want a Goldilocks mix of characteristics in their gear: speed without sketchiness, suppleness without delicacy, and tank-like grip without tank-like weight. For tires, it’s often been a matter of sacrificing one characteristic for another. Not anymore. The new WTB Macro 2.4” tire shatters that trend. It rolls fast, digs into the turns with precision, and deflects even the sharpest rocks thanks to its SG puncture protection.

Macro’s centerline is made up of small, tightly spaced knobs that pack a punch, delivering unmatched speed and braking traction. When you lean into a turn, the wider spacing and raised outer knobs provide steadfast grip when you need it most. Pair this dynamic tread with a wide, rounded profile and the ability to run lower air pressures, and you get an incredibly capable tire that delivers a perfectly smooth transition as you pitch in and rail through turns.

“There are some good XC tires out there that excel in certain areas,” said WTB Product Vision and OEM Director Johs Huseby. “Some are fast in a straight line, some bite well in corners, some are light, and some feature robust protection. Macro puts all those characteristics into a single tire.”

The true 2.4” tire measures 62mm and weighs a scant 732g (120tpi black with SG protection). Part of the secret sauce is WTB’s SG puncture protection, made of a rubberized nylon fabric that protects the sidewalls without compromising suppleness. The use of flat fibers in the SG barrier reduces weight compared to traditional round fibers and allows WTB to tune the ride characteristics even further.

The Macro is available in both Black and Tan casing options and with an MSRP of $76.95 / €69.95 / £75.00.

Sustainably Packaged and Available Now

All new WTB tires are packaged using 100% recycled materials and zero plastic available at and dealers across the USA now and will be on shelves across Europe in late July.