Volume Splined Spider


Volume Splined Spider

Volume’s got a pic of their splined spider for BMX cranks up on their Fixed site. I know it’s an older pic, but I figured I’d wait to post it closer to the release date. Tom and I were talking about it a few months ago when Mosher posted a pic of it on Trick Track. It looks interesting for sure and after I broke the spindle on the Andels in only 2 weeks, I’m switching back to the SRAM Omniums.

If those break, then I’m gonna most likely ride BMX cranks. Profile has a shorter BB spindle in the works, to bring the q-factor closer to track cranks, which will be huge. One of the things I hate about BMX cranks on a fixed gear is the wide-ass q-factor. Call me picky, but i much prefer the narrow stance of a track crank. It’s hard to get used to spinning with your feet two inches wider than they normally are.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be addressed sooner than later! Especially at the rate the sport is progressing.