Urban Futurists: Bike Tab


Urban Futurists: Bike Tab

Ok, if the video isn’t informative enough, here’s a little back-story behind this new “urban cycling” iPhone app:

What’s the best way to get more people on bikes? YOXI has started a design competition to help figure that out. Here’s our latest video as part of that competition. If you like it, rate it up at the link below and help it’s chances to move forward and win $5000 to go to charity.

In an effort to create change in how people view cycling as part of their lifestyle, Urban Futurists are proposing an iPhone application to transition from being a recreational cyclist to a social one. The app functions as a game, where you can compete with friends, earn rewards and find additional motivation through shared experience to get you cycling more often.

What would you challenge your friends to?

Personally, I’d just rather ride but it’s an interesting idea!

via Animal NY