Tuesday Teardown: Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination


Tuesday Teardown: Skeletonwitch – Forever Abomination

“This Horrifying Force (the Desire To Kill)” off Forever Abomination

I’m really beginning to wonder when Chance Garnette begins to lose his luster because as of now, Skeletonwitch is three albums deep in a stomping circle pit of blackened thrash anthems. Like many, my introduction to Skeletonwitch was their 2007 release Beyond the Permafrost, which was trumped by Breathing the Fire in 2009 and now, Forever Abomination attempts to mark their catalog as the best release under their spiked belts.

And it’s doing just that. Forever Abomination is a no bullshit experience. 11 tracks and 32 minutes of blackened thrash that is only trumped by their live show and chants of “EAT SOME FUCKING PUSSY”. “This Horrifying Force (the Desire To Kill)” and “Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer” introduce Skeletonwitch’s almost comedic song titles. I say comedic because when you watch them live, you can tell these guys are all about a fun time. Behind the sneer is a beer.

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“Of Ash And Torment” is straight off Beyond the Permafrost. It’s one of those catchy tracks that’ll have you humming the hook all day. For some more d-beat thrash, “Choke Beyond Betrayal” comes in, blast beats blaring! The blackest track on the album is “Erased And Forgotten” and is my favorite cut. Forever Abomination plays fast. So fast that you’re six tracks in and only 15 minutes have passed. Each song comes in around 2 minutes long, leaving them short and sweet.

Coming into the home stretch is “Rejoice In Misery”, a blizzard of ripping riffs and pounding percussions. “Cleaver Of Souls” is the second longest track on the album and there’s a good amount of death metal influence in it. It’s not to be missed. The whole time listening to this album, I thought the Germans had the blackened thrash game on lock but these boys from Ohio dropped that preconception with “Shredding Sacred Flesh”. Holy shit! As the album ends with “Sink Beneath Insanity” and “My Skin Of Deceit”, we’re left knowing that it’ll be at least two more years until the ‘Witch blesses us with another bounty like this. My only hope is that next time, the album will be a bit longer!