Tuesday Teardown: Ritual Music and Books (MEL_Metal)


Tuesday Teardown: Ritual Music and Books (MEL_Metal)


Melbourne ain’t exactly the sunny, surfer bro city you’d expect it to be. Where there are foreboding skies, there will be metal. This week for Tuesday Teardown, I thought I’d give you a look at the premiere metal music and book shop in Melbourne, Ritual Music and Books.


So yesterday, a local reader named Dylan hit me up asking how I’d feel about featuring Ritual for Tuesday Teardown. Sure enough, I was stoked to see a grassroots record store and was eager to check out what people were digging here.

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Like all good things, Ritual was born from a passion. A love of metal and hardcore. The shop’s owner, Jackson, lived in Toronto for years before returning to Melbourne to open up his shop.


Lining the shelves are great albums like The Body‘s All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood.


And the walls are lined with shirts.


Ritual sits on a corner, just north of the main shopping district in Fitzroy.


So make sure you swing by and support the metal scene in Melbourne!

Ritual Music and Books
189 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy Nth, VIC
Australia 3068.
Ph: +613 9482 6986
Ritual on Facebook
Ritual on Twitter

Here are some more photos:

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