Tuesday Teardown: Krallice – Diotima


Tuesday Teardown: Krallice – Diotima

“Inhume” from Diotima

NYC black metal and I don’t get along too well, unless it’s Krallice. Over the years, Krallice has been honing their sound and after two successful albums, Krallice and Dimensional Bleedthrough, the band has created a great album entitled Diotima.

Where do I begin with their sound? The initial track, “_” sounds much like their earlier work: tremelo picking, blast beats and endless loops of chaotic bliss but there’s something different now. In Diotima, the lead singer’s vocals have begun to take dominance over the tracks. But it’s not the typical black metal vocal stylings, they’re more akin to death metal and they compliment the fast-paced chaotic sound perfectly. There’s a power behind the music now and the dainty presence their music has had in previous albums is now irrelevant.

Just listen to “Inhume” for a key example, it’s fucking kick-ass! Same goes for “The Clearing”, another quasi-artsy composition that would normally be too shoe-gazey for my taste but the vocals just balance it all out. The title track “Diotima” is a bit slower and more epic than the other tracks. One slight critique of Diotima is the way most of the songs begin. They all start with the same reverb but the beast that lies sleeping is about to awaken.

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