Tuesday Teardown: Entrails – Tales from the Morgue


Tuesday Teardown: Entrails – Tales from the Morgue

“The Morgue” off Entrail‘s Tales from the Morgue

Brace yourself for this one! Sometimes it takes a while for a band to get their footing. That’s the case with the Swedish death metal band Entrails. After playing numerous shows and releasing two demos, they finally put out a full-length. Sure, that may not sound like a huge deal but when you take into account that Entrails have been around since 1991 it begins to solidify. Seriously? Almost 20 years of playing and never putting out a full-length? If that doesn’t add some background to the band’s story then I don’t know what will.

In the golden age of death metal, a few bands stuck through the trends and the horrid Göteborg sound I harp on so much here. Entrails is one of those bands and Tales From the Morgue marks this slightly nostalgic throwback in stone. Great songwriting, classicly-compressed riffs and tons of great sound clips will have your feet tapping at your desk. If you can make it through the first track “Intro – Tales From The Morgue”, you’re in for a long ride! Taking older tracks from previous demos and re-recording them in a legitimate sound studio gives the album some extra life. It’s over 20 years in the making for chrissake! “Blood Red” sold me on the album and it’s the first song. Amazing lyrics and composing that took the classic death metal sound and made it into a legitimate genre. No gimmicks just jams.

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