Tuesday Teardown:  Concussion – Dried Blood EP


Tuesday Teardown: Concussion – Dried Blood EP


The Boston-bred, North Brooklyn four-piece Concussion has been tearing the local scene up unrelentlessly for the past year. Numerous venues, loft parties and bars will back that statement too. With thrash being on a bit of an upturn in recent years, it’s become kinda kitschy. Mottled with ironic outfits and cheesy lyrics, a lot of the modern acts swayed away from what started as a balls-to-the-wall movement. One thing’s for sure, in Concussions’ first EP Dried Blood, you’ll find no irony, just jaw-crushing brute-force thrash at its finest.

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Now the fact that I know these guys is in no way altering my opinion about this album. I’ve seen them fucked up, witnessed fights with the NYPD and partaken in numerous circle pits at their shows. Hell, I even sprained the fuck out of my ankle, rendering me useless for a few weeks. When house parties erupt into chaos, you know the mood has been set by talent. “Now the Hunt Is On” starts off the album with a high-octane thrash fest. Rediculous riffs and a barrage of drums start off Dried Blood with one swift blow to the head and with a smooth and clean transition into “Do It For Hewitt”, you’ll hardly notice two tracks have passed when “Perpetual Haunting” begins. Here’s where the Boston influence steps to the foreground. Listen to the first 30 seconds of that track and tell me you can’t hear a bit of hardcore’s influence stepping in.

“The Motherfucker” has one of the most sinister intros I’ve heard in a thrash album. Battering drums and as it finishes, you realize that it’s only been 10 minutes. The Dried Blood EP ends with “Treacherous Hounds”, a slightly more melodic and still brutal ending track. Enter the riffs, blast beats and ass-kickings. All metaphors behind, this is what unbridled thrash should be about: raw energy and chaos. Concussion is giving north Brooklyn a standing fight for thrash and if you get the chance, catch them live and download Dried Blood right here to support the scene!