Try Before You Buy at Santa Fe’s Mellow Velo

“Try before you buy.” It’s not a saying you’d normally associate with a bike shop. Sure, most shops will let you take a bike on a test ride around the block or in their parking lot, but to pull a brand new bike off the shelf and “demo” it for a day, or two, or a whole month, if you so wanted to, is unique. That model was very foreign to me until I walked into Santa Fe’s Mellow Velo.

Their business model is genius! You can rent a city bike for $30 a day, or a full squish, high-dollar mountain bike from a number of brands including Ibis, Santa Cruz, and Orbea for $60 – $75 a day depending on the build kit and retail price. They also offer high-end road bikes for $50 – $70. These aren’t clapped-out models either, they’re properly maintained, current models. Want to check out the new Megatower? They got that. Or a fast and fancy BMC? They got that too. Or perhaps you just want to cruise around town. Yep. That too!

The owner, David’s Vicious Cycles SS cruiser. As he puts it, “that bike will be chopped up and buried with me someday!”

Where the consumer really benefits is when the next year’s bikes roll out from these companies. Mellow Velo sells their floor models at rates up to 40% off. Who wouldn’t want to save thousands on a high-dollar carbon shred sled? Sure it might have a few scratches but that’s massive savings. The shop wins, the customer wins, and it really takes the edge off from committing to a big purchase. If you really like the bike you demo’d but would love a spankin’ new one, they can do that too.

Located in downtown Santa Fe – at the base of NM State Road 475 – Mellow Velo is in close proximity to excellent road, gravel, or mountain riding. Want to shuttle up to the start of the Winsor Trail in the Sangre de Cristo range? That’s easy! The Blue Bus takes you up for $5, with your bike.

If vintage steel is what you’re looking for, their secret upstairs rooms are full of beautiful race machines from cycling’s fabled golden era.

Mellow Velo’s proximity to the tourist areas, the wilderness, and endless dirt roads make it an excellent hub for cycling in Santa Fe. Swing through, say hey to the team, and maybe they’ll pull a shot of espresso for you from their insane Gaggia Orione machine. Here I thought an E61 was a sick machine for a bike shop!

Mellow Velo
132 E Marcy St
Santa Fe, NM 87501
M-F 9:30-6
Sat 9:30-5
Sun 10-3