Trek Factory Racing: Jens Voigt Farewell Tour Madone 7 and Kit


Trek Factory Racing: Jens Voigt Farewell Tour Madone 7 and Kit


To bid Mr. “Shut Up Legs” adieu, Trek has created a chrome bike, helmet, shoes, and custom kit.

“Jens’ team-issued Madone 7 Series is a chrome-colored vision that took Trek Project One artists more than a week to perfectly polish. Trek designers, having worked with Jens in the past, understood the moments and teams throughout the rider’s seventeen year career that hold the greatest significance and incorporated them through a graphic that runs the length of the top tube. The down tube includes a running tally of the number of souls Voigt has crushed in his career of attacking, though the number is a conservative estimate…”


“The Bontrager Velocis helmet that will adorn Voigt’s head has been painted to match the bike, complete with chrome and a graphic complimenting the artwork appearing across the top tube of his Madone. His Bontrager XXX shoes have been given the same chrome treatment, creating an almost mirrored effect. The Bontrager Race Shop Limited jersey and shorts have also been updated slightly. Written across the back of the jersey is Jens’ goodbye message, “Farewell Fans!”. As if to promise the rest of the peloton that his retirement is real and that their days of futilely chasing the hard-charging German are soon over, the rear panel of his shorts reassures the competition with the message, “One last time”. ”

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