The Wolfpack is #StrongerWithSports

Wednesday, February 3rd is National Girls & Women in Sports Day. As a woman-founded and run company, Robert Axle Project wanted to give a voice to the riders on a women’s road team they sponsor and hopefully give a boost of encouragement to other girls and women out there. Below and attached are a few words from the RAP founder, Katy Bryce. Enjoy this youtube video with five of the riders on the team giving words of encouragement to other cyclists!

For me, cycling is home. I can’t think of anything better than shredding mountain bikes in the woods, or exploring gravel roads with my closest friends. For many women cyclists, bikes are a way for us to express ourselves, enjoy friendships, push our physical and mental limits and be in the places we love. Today is National Girls & Women in Sports Day, a reminder to think about how cycling has shaped our lives and how we can share that positive influence with other girls and women around us. Use today to share how you got into cycling, offer some encouragement for all the new cyclists of 2021, and, use these five simple words; “Hey, let’s go ride bikes.”

Enjoy some words of encouragement from a team that we are so proud to sponsor, Team Wolfpack from Austin, Texas. Check out what they have to say and follow the hashtag #StrongerWithSports to join in.” –Katy Bryce, CEO & Co-Founder, Robert Axle Project

Cycling has taken me all over the world competing against some of the best female cyclists. I have traveled to so many places I would not have ever known existed without my bike. Traveling to races is only one aspect of being a cyclist that I love. I also love the competition and the feeling of knowing I can always push myself harder. No matter how good you are there is always room for learning, growing, and evolving. I admire that cycling is a sport anyone and everyone can be part of. Cycling is a good way to stay healthy, meet great people, and explore the world from a different angle. I am beyond thankful to be part of an amazing group of women that have the same passion as I do, and we get to make great memories together while doing something we all love!” –Summer Moak

For more about the Women’s Sports Foundation check out https://www.womenssportsfoundation.org/

Team Wolfpack can be found at https://www.atxwolfpack.org/

You can find the riders on Instagram at the following handles:
-Caroline Poole – @caro_piscine
-Celine Olberholzer – @celine_the_psychlist
-Kelly Barrientes – @kaybee1925
-Kristen Arnold – @kristenarnold
-Melanie Wong – @passedbyagirl
-Summer Moak – @summermoak14