The Importance of Family and Cycling


The Importance of Family and Cycling


I haven’t been home to see my family in a much longer time than I’d like to admit. Life got really messy over the past year and I found myself scrambling to re-establish the status quo ante. Over the past week, I’ve been with my family in coastal North Carolina and as you probably noticed, I didn’t open my laptop once. Instead, I went on rides everyday with my mom and my brother. Both of which have gotten serious about riding over the past few years.

They saw how cycling has changed my life in terms of health and wanted to get on board. My mother had always struggled with weight loss and my brother has juvenile diabetes. They wanted a way to regulate their health, fitness and happiness. Starting to ride bikes can be intimidating, but they’re both doing great and constantly work towards personal goals on the bike.


Having been home for the past week let me reconnect with my family and build even stronger bonds with them as we pedaled anywhere from 20-30 miles around this coastal town. For the readers of this site, that mileage might not be anything to brag about but for me, it’s been really moving to see my mom and brother embrace cycling.

I’m heading back to Los Angeles first thing in the morning and have enjoyed the time away from “work.” Going into the holiday season, I just wanted to thank you all for bringing such positivity to this platform and I hope you all get to spend time with your families.