An Icarus Road Bike with Shimano Ultegra for My Mom

It says a lot when someone buys the two most important women in their life custom frames from one builder. Ian Sutton from Icarus Frames is a good friend of mine, so when I realized that my mom was in need of a new road bike, I called him up and got the ball rolling.

This is the third custom bike I’ve bought from Ian. The first being my Viking Track, then Lauren’s Porteur and now, this True Temper road bike for my mom.

The geometry is clearly road, but the drivetrain is geared more towards a cross bike. Up front, I chose Shimano‘s Ultegra cross crank, with a mid cage Ultegra rear mech and a 32t cassette in the back. This will help my mom get up steep hills with ease, while giving her the range she needs while riding coastal North Carolina roads.

Circle A nailed the paint, coating the frame and the ENVE fork in a bright “marine” blue.

Easton was kind enough to send along the bars, post, stem and even bar tape. I couldn’t be more thankful! For her wheels, I bought a set of the NAHBS display Chris King Alloy Ride wheels. Taking advantage of the trade show pricing, I also bought some King Cages.

When I dropped the parts off to Mellow Johnny’s I still needed a headset – NoThreadset in Sotte Voce black, a saddle – Fizik Vitesse- and tires – Continental Gran Prix 28c. In the end, it came out great. As shown, it weighs 17lbs on the head.

There is no greater feeling in this world than to see your mother happy, healthy and riding in style. Cycling has no doubt changed her life for the better and to me, this bike was worth the investment. She did her first century last summer and I’ll be pressing her to do another this summer!

  • It’s a great looking bike John, your mother must be super happy.

    Also, I can’t thank you enough for this website. It has certainly made Internet a better place for me. Keep it RAD!

  • Tyler Morin

    Awesome! 2nd on the website. Excited to see where things roll from here. Just please don’t kill off the Viking!

  • Márton Sógor

    Your mom must be a very nice lady, and you are a nice man too. Nice bike, I wish I could surprise my mother with one like this!

  • adanpinto

    Very sensible choice of components. I wouldn’t do better for my mother.

  • Kurtz

    Super cool of you for getting her psyched on riding, and then for this gift.

  • Gabriel Lyman

    This is a beautiful bicycle indeed. Both the build itself and the reason for doing so are nothing short of respectable. Keep up the good work!

  • Todd

    you beauty! also love how the wrap is still on the rear derailleur ;)

    • Dowh. I thought I got it all!

      • Dan

        don’t worry girls love leaving that shit on

        • Morgan Taylor

          I love leaving that shit on.

  • PwetStar

    Beautiful bike! Can I adopt you?

  • ed munded

    Very very nice
    Any idea why the bottle cage bosses on DT are different from each other?

    • It’s just one of those little details Ian does. I love that kinda stuff!

      • ed munded

        It’s very pretty. Just wondered if there was science… Pretty is enough of a reason though.

  • Richard Smith

    Dope. Good job!

  • Brendan

    Amazing present for mom! Ultegra will be great for her for years to come. That frame will be great for life.

  • krashdavage

    Beautiful bike John. You’re lucky you have a Mom that rides!

  • Doug Smith

    Really thoughtful build in all regards, awesome work! I love the paint though, to my eyes it has a real Cannondale Track throwback feel, did you get the particular code for it and are you willing to share?

    • kermitonwheels

      Agree, definitely Cannondale colour. Lovely hue and a great build.

    • She wanted something “the color of the marina in the morning”. Not sure what color I picked from the PPG catalog.

  • David

    Great bike. Where are those bidons from?

  • EffOhEff

    Super rad build. I really dig the recent offerings from easton, seems super high quality and handsome, all while not breaking the bank the way comparable components frequently do.

  • Keith Gibson

    Fly build. Sign her up for the MS150 in New Bern, September. Nice and flat..