The Grounded Nebraska Gravel Race is Coming June 25th, 2022


The Grounded Nebraska Gravel Race is Coming June 25th, 2022

Photos by @snowymountainphotography

Grounded Nebraska, a gravel race set in the backdrop of a day-long festival, is coming next year on Saturday, June 25, 2022, in Roca, Nebraska. Presented as a gravel festival, it embraces the community culture of gravel racing. But, the event is made to be enjoyable for non-riders and riders alike with amusement park-like attractions, live music, clinics, local food, and on-site camping.

“What we hope sets this event apart from others is our focus on creating a framework for everyone: riders, racers, runners, friends, and family members of all ages. Whether it’s memories of Peep s’mores, beautiful but challenging gravel, the Rocamotive train, or a Non-binary full payout podium, we hope the experiences created here will make this event a must for everyone,” explains co-event organizer Susan Cronin.

With intersectional inclusion as a pillar of the event, Grounded Nebraska has equity-based prize payouts, an external advisory board, and three gender categories: women, men, and non-binary. Payouts at Grounded Nebraska are based on the average pay gap of 18% across genders in the United States. It reverses the gap for both women and non-binary winners to have 20% more in prize money than the male category winners.

“It’s no secret the gravel community is a welcoming one, but we can always go further in order to grow and diversify this community. To us, it’s about the people, not the PR. This is why we’re working to better support, foster, and facilitate inclusive initiatives into every piece of our event,” shares co-event organizer Cait Dumas-Hein.

Grounded Nebraska will see competitors tackle one of two race distances, 65 miles or 125 miles, just south of Lincoln, Nebraska. The course starts at Roca Berry Farm and winds through the farmland of southeastern Nebraska, with the longer course featuring about 5,000 ft of elevation.

-June 25, 2022, Roca Nebraska
-Two distances: 60 miles & 125 miles
-Family-friendly festival alongside the race
-On-site camping
-Equity-based podiums and three gender categories
-Reg opened Dec 4th for all categories – evenly split across them all
-Register at