The Dustin Klein-Designed Cadence Colossi 2017 Team Track Frame


The Dustin Klein-Designed Cadence Colossi 2017 Team Track Frame

Dustin Klein is no stranger to frame embellishment and for this year’s track crit season, he put it to work. Cadence teamed up with Jan Kole’s framebuilding company Colossi. A former Dutch professional cyclist himself, Jan raced in Europe in the 70s and 80s before moving to China to establish Colossi with his son, Sander.

Together, Colossi and Cadence will have a presence at the US and European track crit circuit in the form of these Cadence Colossi 2017 team frames. Read the full press-release and see more photos below.

Cadence Collection is incredibly pleased that with the help of Colossi and our other key partners we are able to launch the Cadence Colossi 2017 team The team will ride these full custom Colossi framesets. Each frame has custom geometry specifically designed for each of our team riders. Cadence founder Dustin Klein designed the entire team aesthetic that is carried throughout the frame and skin suits which features the distinctive Pulsar pattern. The frames have been painted and finished in house at Colossi. Ritchey is supplying the team with the cockpit components from their WCS alloy range.

Dustin Klein said, “Being able to visually build out our first Cadence Factory Team has been a long time goal of mine. Working with Colossi has been amazing. They are incredibly professional while making some beautiful products. There will be a great sense of accomplishment to see the whole team at RHC.”

We have assembled a collective of riders that love Cadence, embrace the lifestyle and live to ride. The team will tackle the Red Hook Series, Rad Race, as well as other major European and UK fixed gear crits. We have ambitious aims to be one of the best fixed gear crit teams on the circuit, whilst still having fun and remembering why we started racing bikes in the first place.