The Cruiser Classic Turned 21

The Cruiser Classic is an event that’s like an old friend – an old friend with a quick wit, who moves slowly in the morning. The Cruiser Classic and I first met in 2010 thanks to our mutual friend Ken Baker, who helped put the first Cruiser Classic together in Chico, CA. It’s safe to say the Cruiser Classic makes friends easily, and it became one of those forever bonds of friendship between us because the Cruiser Classic is about FUN for everyone.

Operating as Good Times Crew, Allan Cooke and I helped Ken bring the event back last year with the help of our dearest buds. We were totally blown away by the stoke and good vibes that everyone brought. With that motivation, we knew this year we had to make sure the Cruiser Classic turned 21 as best we knew how. As the hosts, we thought a few mixers could help guests mingle, so we added three* optional and non-denominational events:

-Widowmaker Hillclimb
-TT Solo Slalom
-Best Tweak

The unannounced fourth event is Long Walks In The Woods, errr hiking, because as it has often been attributed to the great and powerful Rick Hunter “It ain’t mountain biking if you ain’t hiking”. By that strictest of definitions, we most certainly went mountain biking during the Cruiser Classic.

This year we raised funds to support the good people Sierra Trails. 100% of registration proceeds go to Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, with event tees sold for additional SBTS benefit. Thank you again to Bob Haro for the illustration he graciously donated to support us all.

Thanks to California Expeditions we were able to shuttle everyone back to Skillman Horse Camp for dinner and beers where we camped for the night. Most of our party guests were Sacramentonians, and they easily did their part to make a memorable 21st Cruiser Classic. Thanks to Blackburn Design ODI Grips, Giro Cycling and Paul Component for helping out with prizes.

Thank you Allan Cooke and Ken Baker for organizing and motivating us and to all of our buds for helping make it happen.

About Good Times Crew:
Good Times Crew was created by two lifelong bike kooks. By promoting cycle-centric outdoor lifestyle and the benefits of being outside on bikes, we are working to directly support the people and organizations that build and maintain bike riding spaces. We aim to inspire through events, photography, film, DIY publishing, and art. If you’re feeling it, we’d love to hear from you.