The 2012 Red Bull Art Attack NACCC Event


The 2012 Red Bull Art Attack NACCC Event

Austin Horse worked on this event with Red Bull for the 2012 NACCC. This art-based alleycat features 5 artists, all messenger photographers. All have contributed pieces to the
event, themed on the way of the bike. The photographs are from various messengers, around the world.  These photos have been divided into 6 pieces and each piece goes to a different checkpoint.

The event begins from inside the empty walls of the gallery, where the riders rush out to the first checkpoint and collect the first piece. Then the second and so on.

Gallery 5 Richmond VA
200 West Marshall Street  Richmond, VA 23220

May 24th
7 pm orientation
8 pm event start
9 pm recognition

Check out more information at the Red Bull Art Attack Facebook page.