Tecolote Canyon Cross Camp “TCCC” – Matt Lingo

Tecolote Canyon Cross Camp “TCCC”
Photos and words by Matt Lingo

Having someone like Josh Hayes around your office is a valuable asset. With all the logistics, red tape, and TPS reports that can seem to work against getting shit done, sometimes you just need someone to call a situation out for what it is, and then promptly return to their computer to blast Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

However, that attitude can also backfire on you. When you’re on the fence about riding the sketchy canyon trails and mention it in passing on a Monday morning, Josh has you on your bike and at the trailhead that afternoon.

A couple of us from the Leader Bikes followed Josh for a few hours down the trails of Tecolote Canyon for what he called “cross camp”, leaving our comfort zones for a bit and having a few spills along the way. Tight trails on hillsides gave way to sliding around on leaves in the woods, plus a few stops to check out sights and sounds thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes you need that extra push to get on the bike and find the ride.


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