Evan Weselmann’s ‘Desert Trip’ for the Radavist


Evan Weselmann’s ‘Desert Trip’ for the Radavist

We’ve always got something fun cookin’ up over here at the Radavist and recently, Minneapolis-based artist Evan Weselmann reached out asking if we need any illustration work. Once seeing his portfolio, I knew exactly what we could task Evan with. I sent him our Death Valley bike tour photo gallery from 2019 and requested that he take inspiration from that. He delivered an insane graphics package and this illustration is but one tile in his multi-page package. With cooler temps on the way, I thought it’d make sense to ask y’all what you’d like to see from us this fall/winter season. Long sleeve t-shirts? More Nalgenes? You know what products we stock, so let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to deliver. You can ignore the background image, I just wanted to ground the drawing a bit.

We’re all looking forward to the ‘Desert Trip’ capsule collection! Drop us a note in the comments.