#swiftcampoutphotoshootout is Rolling! Have You Submitted?


#swiftcampoutphotoshootout is Rolling! Have You Submitted?

Here’s a reminder to submit your Swift Campout Photo Shootout photos to Instagram this week!

  • Let us know you’re entering the contest by beginning your caption copy with: “here’s my entry into the 2022 #swiftcampoutphotoshootout !”
  • Tag @theradavist and @swiftindustries in the photo and in the caption.
  • Must enter by 11:59 PM Friday, July 1st deadline!

Let’s see what you got this past weekend, folks! The winner will receive a full limited-edition 2022 Swift Campout kit! A 27.5 Adventure Carbon Wheelset from Hunt Wheels! Tires from SimWorks! Coffee from Black Coffee Roasters of Missoula; Sandals from Bedrock Sandals; titanium puffin’ accessories from Dangle Supply; rad wearables from The Radavist!