Some of My Favorite Instagram Users


Some of My Favorite Instagram Users

At this point, I shouldn’t have to legitimize Instagram, especially to the readers of this site. Aside from the visual stimulus, it’s a great resource for the local routes and spots our fellow riders find themselves facing on the daily. When I scroll through my feed, there are a few people who I look forward to checking out. Some are cyclists, others are artists, or just really damn good at the lovely square composition. Whatever their walk of life may be, these people make me envious of their surroundings.

Not that I like “rules”, I will say that all of these users stick strictly to their iPhones. Something even I don’t bother adhering to!

Check out my top picks below.


As far as shops are concerned, they’re either hit or miss Instagram feeds. I mean, let’s be honest, the old “what’s in the repair stand this week” thing is a bit played out. But trespassing drug addicts, customer’s orders, creeper shots, wheel builds and other randomness? Sure! If you don’t follow EmpireBMX on Instagram, you hate America.


Does Andy at FYXO really need an introduction? Food, bikes, photography, coffee, Melbourne. Oh and Campagnolo.


Look, I follow a lot of people on Instagram, all of which are doing something unique and interesting. Well, that’s what I tell myself anyway. But one thing’s for sure, Maura really is unique. Her company, Folk Fibers makes hand-dyed and hand stitched quilts out of her home here in Austin. She makes her dye from local plants and a lot of it is seasonal. Not that quilts are all the rage, but if you’re into the process of a product, definitely check her out.


Erik is a madman. After completing the Great Escape with his wife, Sofia, he took off to the Alps. Follow him for more metal, mountains and well, metal!


When it comes to everything two-wheels and Oakley, Steve Blick is your man. As someone that travels a lot, I can say that even I am impressed with how much this man is on the road and yet he still finds time to ride. Steve’s one of the nicest and busiest guys I know and I’ve enjoyed following his travels.


Having recently-relocated to Austin, Ian at Icarus Frames is now close enough that I can see what he’s working on, IRL. But for those who can’t, follow this craftsman and his daily endeavors, like repairing a crumbled Yamaguchi track bike!


Doesn’t this just make you hate your local rides? Or maybe it makes you hate Ralphy? Who’s Ralphy? No one cares but man, he takes some great photos of his rides in the 818. I’m joking buddy, I don’t hate you, I’m only envious.


Being the best bike shop in the world means you’ve got a lot of pressure to maintain the best Instagram (read at 75% seriousness). Danny Hale’s shop in Melbourne, Shifter Bikes, has the most insane client list. Maybe you’ve heard of Firefly, Moots, Parlee, Merckx and others? Sure ya have. Deltas are his preferred brake, Campy’s his middle name and what ever you do, don’t complain about Slayer being blasted.


This dude has the fucking life. Founder of TCB Courier, races for MASH x Cinelli and somehow still finds time to put in the miles. When he’s not traveling all over the world, he’s riding the hills and mountains around SF. Expect lots of randomness and lots of fog.


Portland has an incredible cycling scene and when cross season comes, it erupts with character. This season, follow Jeremy Dunn for a lot of mud and some behind the scenes shots of Rapha‘s forthcoming projects.


This guy loves Texas, his Fans, Sunday! and BMX. I have no idea how he maintains sanity with the amount of miles he flies. Dude will be landing in a state, an hour or two before a competition and slay it. Then be at an event signing autographs.


Touring, karaoke, bike checks, beer, coffee, records, cross, road, mtb, you name it. Kyle from Tracko and Golden Saddle Cyclery truly has one of my favorite Instagrams.


Seth’s been very busy supplying some grassroots cross teams with beautiful frames. When he’s not in his shop building away, he’s out skateboarding or working on his machines. For those seeking some true NYC local vibes, look no further than Seth Rosko.

Thanks for all the inspirational photos guys and gals.