Snap! Delivery


Snap! Delivery


If you own a company in Brooklyn, NY and are always looking for a messenger service locally you probably can’t find one. That’s because there hasn’t really been a Brooklyn-based messenger service. If you want a package picked up in Greenpoint and brought to Brooklyn Heights, you have to pay the Manhattan companies extra for going over the bridges.

Snap! is a delivery service based in Williamsburg that can and will deliver anything for you. They’re a messenger-run and operated company, so you know you’re supporting the little guys. They are equipped with a cargo-bike and multiple riders on-call.

Their rates are below:

2 hour service within Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan: $8 + $1 per mile from destination

1 hour rush service: $15 + $1 per mile from destination

45 minute Direct Rush service: $20+ $1 per mile from destination

Interborough Service over any bridge: $30 for 2 hour service, $40 for 1 hour service, $50 for 45 minute direct rush service

Oversized Packages (over 20 lbs): + $10

Contact them here to set up an account!