Smiles 4 Miles Tour

Empower People Of Every Race, Nationality, And Socioeconomic Strata To Rehabilitate And Maintain Their Own Bikes.

This 8,000 mile tour includes stops in twenty-five cities including mountain bike trail rides, advocacy talks, community cruises, and community wrench rehab events. The starting line is New York City and we’ll tour a southerly route via Fort Worth, Texas, to the West Coast, returning along a northerly route via Chicago, Illinois, to the finish line in New York. With a repurposed school bus as a mobile basecamp, we will journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and back, stopping in communities to ride our mountain bikes on some rad trails, advocate for BIPOC – all people! – to get on bikes to share in our journey, and to empower communities through hands-on wrench events, all while giving away over 1,200 bikes in the process.

Head to GoFundMe to donate if you can and to Smiles 4 Miles Tour to read more!