Shots from the Road: 10.24.2011


Shots from the Road: 10.24.2011


I spend a lot of time on my road bike here in Austin. It’s the one part of my day where I don’t have to do anything but ride my bike. While I mostly do this solo, sometimes I ride with friends and that usually means more time for quick cell-phone shots. Today Jonathan, Ross and I went on a quick hill ride. It was only 30 miles and about 2,270 feet but considering we had 2,000′ at mile 20, we put in our time climbing. Terrace Mountain to Bonnell to Cat Mountain Dr to Mesa to Smokey Valley to Ladera Norte. It was a blast but damn did Smokey Valley kick my ass (nothing new).

I always say, I’m not a climber but I love to climb.

By the way, you can follow me on Instagram by searching for JohnProlly and my Twitter handle is @JohnProlly. We’re working on a weekly ride here in Austin so bear with me while I organize my thoughts!