Shift Cycling Culture: Cycling Industry Climate Commitment


Shift Cycling Culture: Cycling Industry Climate Commitment

Shift Cycling Culture has a new initiative afloat I think you all will be pleased to read:

“Dear cycling industry colleagues,
As a group of business leaders from across the cycling industry, we have become acutely aware that climate change is not only a future risk, but a current one, which is accelerating before our eyes. We are proud that cycling plays an important part in decarbonizing our world, by enabling people to ride their bikes, enjoy the outdoors and make cities more liveable by taking cars off the streets. At the same time, the way in which we in the cycling industry make and sell products is also contributing to the problem. We need to change this, but we can’t do it on our own, which is why we’re making an urgent appeal to you, our partners and competitors across the wider industry.”

Read the full commitment and see which brands are spearheading this endeavor at Shift Cycling Culture.