SF Shop Visit: Box Dog Bikes


SF Shop Visit: Box Dog Bikes


Box Dog Bikes‘ reputation precedes itself. Before I even booked my plane ticket to go to SF, I always wanted to do a Shop Visit on them. Everything I’ve seen and heard about the shop just stuck out to me as being my kinda place. From the super-chill staff, to their in-house rando frames and even the location, Box Dog Bikes is the shit!

Check out more photos from my Shop Visit to Box Dog Bikes below!


Any shop with a “do it yourself” repair stand is ok in my book!


Their space is massive, especially by SF’s standards. Two cashwraps meet and greet the customers on top of a long, snaking display case filled with goodies.


Everything from vintage touring and rando components, to modern city-commuter and even fixed freestyle and track parts line the cases.


Everyone’s favorite brands, ready to be installed on your bike.


And if you’re too broke to be buying bling, you could always use another water bottle! Their kits and bottles are awesome. I picked up some bibs and two jerseys while I was there.


Towards the back of the space is their repair cost list and mechanic’s area.


While there wasn’t anything crazy in the repair stands, this Moulton was hanging out in back.


I think this calls for some portrait photography.


Since I had been running around all day, I was starting to get hungry. That’s when Jesus Christ told me to break some bread. I’m not entirely sure if it was J.C. or not, but he did have a beard and he was working miracles on a commuter’s bike!


I’ve been in a lot of mechanic’s areas in bike shops and there’s always a collage-like aesthetic present. Box Dog’s wrench area was no exception to that rule.


Tandem time-trial bikes hung from meat hooks.


Back towards the front, the BDB Pelican is on display. This is Box Dog’s in-house rando frame. Pretty killer! I caught a few of them built up while I was there and they’re slick-looking bikes!


While it’s easy to clutter the ceilings and walls with bikes, Box Dog does a good job at keeping the shop feeling open and airy.


With loads of natural light spilling in all day, it’s got a welcoming street presence.


So swing by if you’re in the ‘hood. You’ll most likely see this beaut sitting out side.


And if that’s not enough, just look for the bikes out front! I wanna thank Ian and the Box Dog Bikes crew for letting me hang out, drink a BL, break bread and shoot the proverbial shit. I took a lot more photos, including details of the Moulton over at my Flickr! And remember, that Tondu road is still for sale!

Box Dog Bikes
494 14th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
M – F: 11am to 7pm
Sat: 10am to 5pm
Sun: 12pm to 5pm