Sarah Sturm Journal


Sarah Sturm Journal

One of our favorite personalities in the cycling industry has a space on one of our favorite brand’s blogs! Sarah Sturm has a great little read up about the pandemic and what riding means to her. Be sure to check this one out and if you missed it, our Highway 50 Nevada MTB trip features some excellent shots of Sarah ripping that Nevada dust as well!

“We have in front of us a chunk of time. We have a global pause. There are no races, there are no events, there are no parties or gatherings or high fives. We have busy minds and bored bodies and there isn’t an exact day that we can mark on our planners when “this will all be over”. Nope. The only thing that is certain is uncertainty. And we’re getting sick of seeing that phrase plastered all over the media. Yes, we know, things are uncertain right now and saying it over and over doesn’t seem to help.”

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