Ride Farr: Aero Bolt-On Alloy Handlebar


Ride Farr: Aero Bolt-On Alloy Handlebar

Riding with flat bars doesn’t mean you can’t get aero. The latest from Ride Farr are these alloy aero bolt-ons that create a lightweight, ergonomic addition to your cockpit. These bolt-on aero bars provide added hand positions and comfort while offering an aero-tuck position for when you just have to go fast.

-Ergonomic bend and shape
-Easy to fit in under 2 minutes
-Lightweight Alloy construction
-Suitable for most 31.8mm diameter handlebars
-Gravel / Racing / Touring / Bikepacking / MTB and more
-Weight : 133 grams ( including hardware )

In stock at Ride Farr.