The Dam Loop

Look, cycling in Austin is by no means as “epic” as Oregon, Colorado or California, but we’ve got some damn fine riding here. In Travis county, the elevation maxes out at 1,300′ and drops down to around 400′, leaving most of the gain on your rides to short, steep climbs. The Dam Loop is a popular ride for weekenders and training elite alike but it’s no where near as fun as some of the hill loops, unless you incorporate a few into the mix, which is what we tend to do. It’ll come in around 50 miles and over 3,000′ if you play it right but it doesn’t have to end there. And it’s hard not to, especially if it’s cool out and the heat hasn’t gotten to you. Not to mention the looming skies and limestone cliffs make for great scenery.

In the few days that I was in Austin after Australia, I hit the loop with Jon a few times and this Recent Roll showcases that.

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