Rapha in the NY Times


Rapha in the NY Times


Well if the NYC wealthy haven’t heard of Rapha before, they sure have now. The NY Times has been covering cycling a lot recently and now there’s an article on cycling wear that stabs at Central Park roadies and their parade-esque kits; pointing out other, classier outfits for City bikers.

They even got a quote from Snob!

In an e-mail message, Bike Snob NYC said he was impressed with a “Fixed Jacket” that Rapha sent him to try. “It’s excellent,” he wrote. “It’s durable, the fit is good, and the pockets are in the right places.” The blogger added, “They’ve done a great job of not only evoking cycling history but also capturing a ‘soulful’ aesthetic that appeals to certain riders.” Still, he admitted: “As a cyclist, I understand it, but personally I sometimes find it off-putting. It’s a little rarefied for me … I don’t want to feel like I need to be worthy of my clothes.”

The Fixed Jacket is indeed a nice garment. But I’ll stick with this