Rapha and Giro Launch Cross Shoes


Rapha and Giro Launch Cross Shoes


Wait a second, what’s this? That’s not a cross shoe?!

“Continuing the partnership in footwear with Giro, Rapha are launching our first cyclocross-specific shoe. Built on the EC90 carbon outsole used by Giro’s current range of MTB/Cross footwear, the upper of the shoe has been developed for the rigors of racing with a rubberized heel and toe-cap and aggressive outsole cleats for getting through the mud. Aesthetically clean and refined, the colors of Rapha Super Cross are woven into the shoe’s upper.”

Don’t miss out on the Rapha Cross Collection and see more of the actual shoes below!


Beyond the shoes themselves, the Cross Shoe packaging is worth noting. Built from a racer’s insight and appropriately fun for fans of cross, the shoes are packaged in a specially formed shell from ECO Products®, a sponsor of Jeremy Powers and Aspire Racing. ECO Products® create sustainable containers for food and beverages including cups often found in the hands of cross supporters in North America. For this project, Rapha worked with ECO Products® to create a container that has a life beyond shipping, adding holders specifically for beer and frites- two musts for the cyclocross fan. For the racer, there is an oversized ‘wet bag’, built to be stood upon pre-race, solving the common ‘cyclocross hop’ where racers attempt to keep their socks dry while dressing. Perfect too for carrying wet and muddy shoes post-race.