Rain Sleet Snow or Hail


Rain Sleet Snow or Hail


No matter what kind of weather we’ve got in NYC, the Peel Sessions spot is usually pretty dry. Today Chris and I spent close to 4 hours under the BQE riding around. It was snowing and sleeting all day long and we were dry as a bone. I hadn’t ridden my BMW in over a week so it felt great to be out riding. Above is Chris doing a rollout and below is me doing a kinda sketchy 540 cab. I’m yet again, impressed with my Canon G10’s digital ability. Video looks pretty sharp for being a point and shoot.

Wilis swung through on his ‘Noni later on in the afternoon and I snapped a few pics. Some people don’t like the way ‘work’ bikes look. I personally love it. Look at what a year on the streets of NYC will do to a track bike. Wilis works on this noble steed almost everyday and I can’t believe at one point, I thought this frame was my size!

Here’s what it looked like prior to me selling it to Wilis. Check out the signature on the top tube.



Everyone have a happy New Year and RIDE RELAX!