Radar Roundup: Starling Cycles Roost, New Evasion Color, 5DEV LTD Olive Drab, State Desert Cargo Cage, CDC Outlands Shoes, Movement, Rondini, and Paw 100


Radar Roundup: Starling Cycles Roost, New Evasion Color, 5DEV LTD Olive Drab, State Desert Cargo Cage, CDC Outlands Shoes, Movement, Rondini, and Paw 100

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Starling Cycles Roost 27.5 x 29er 140mm Hardtail £1,016.67

Starling’s very first hardtail had to be something special, so the UK brand went all out to make a bike built for pure, undiluted fun. Made to go anywhere and do anything, it’s as suited to back-country epics as it is bike park blasts.

A handbuilt, zingy steel frame makes light work of rough and rowdy descents whilst mullet wheels bring that perfect balance of flick-knife and magnum. With room for a 120mm to 160mm fork you’ve got plenty of options to custom-build your own perfect setup.

It’s not a spindly XC whippet, it’s not a sickly ‘ardcore ‘ardtail. It’s a ride-wherever, ride-whatever, tough-as-nails stainless do-it-all that’s built to take on whatever you can throw it at.

And, of course, it’s built with beautiful stainless steel for that shiny, rust-free raw style. Built by ORA in Taiwan and landing in September with pre-orders open now at Starling.


  • Handmade in Taiwan by ORA.
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel tubing.
  • Designed for 140mm fork, works from 120-160mm.
  • 27.5″ rear wheel, 29″ front wheel.
  • Up to 2.8″ tyre clearance.
  • Up to 200mm rotor.
  • Boost and non-boost compatible.
  • Tubular chainstay yoke is inspired by our FS bikes and adds big tyre clearance as well as being structurally efficient.
  • Available in sizes Medium and Large.
  • Choose frame-only or full build.
  • Ohlins, Rockshox, Hope, Funn, Magura, Bike Yoke, Michelin, CushCore available.
  • Landing September 2023.

Pre-order today at Starling Cycles.

Crust Evasion in Romantic Silver $1,175

The Evasion, often imitated, never duplicated. The Satanic Rando. The DFL. The original Crust. Whatever you have or want to call it, it’s a bike that can fit a big ol’ tire that doesn’t ride like something that’s been 6 feet under for the past 10 years. In terms of braze-ons, the Evasion has everything you’d need to go for a tour around the world and back.

Now available in Romantic Silver, for you to surf your way to the campsite of your dreams.

Check out a gallery of the very first Evasion to see how Matt built up his early prototype: Matt’s Crust Bikes Evasion 26+ Tourer

Check out more at Crust Bikes.

5DEV LTD Edition Olive Drab Cranks $549.99

5DEV’s goal is to develop cranks that can be manufactured in a short period of time. Utilizing 5 Axis CNC machines we can produce product in days vs months or years.

These limited edition cranks are only available in the sizes shown–165mm at the moment. They are limited production runs with limited quantities available. First come first serve. These cranks are engineered for aggressive trail, enduro/park and DH style riding. Ideal for charging steep technical chunk, ripping laps at your local park, or sessioning your favorite jump line.

5DEV’s low profile crank arm reduces pedal strike during technical punchy climbs allowing you to clean more sections of trail and get back up to take another lap with less effort.

Check out more at 5DEV.

State Bicycle Co Desert Cargo Cage $24.99

When we did the Rainbow Rim overnighter, B-hard, aka Bryan, was rolling with these State Bicycle Co Desert Cargo Cages.

Crafted from 5250 Aluminum (Aircraft Grade), our Desert Cargo Cage is engineered to be the epitome of strength and lightweight design. It’s the perfect accessory for our 4130 All-Road Steel Fork or Carbon Monster Fork, enhancing your cycling experience by providing a flexible carrying system for all your essential gear.

Designed in The Desert, these cages pay homage to our roots in Phoenix, Arizona, where we drew inspiration from the rugged terrains and expansive landscapes. The State Bicycle Co. Desert Cargo Cage embodies the spirit of adventure and a passion for cycling.

(Does State know the pineapple is the international symbol of swingers? Or are they just really into fresh fruit on bike tours?)

Check out more at State Bicycle Co.

Cafe du Cycliste Outlands Gravel Shoes $ 390

The Outlands are innovative gravel riding shoes, with an aesthetic inspired by hiking shoes.

Collaborating with a specialist footwear manufacturer using leading-edge engineering and performance materials, the shoes’ leather upper is matched with a carbon footbed and rubber outsole for optimum comfort, stability and power transfer.


  • 3K racing grade carbon-fibre sole for maximum transfer of power
  • SOLESTAR™ insole, proven for breathability, hygiene and all-day comfort.
  • Custom design rubber tread outsole made with SUP traction for optimal grip.
  • Flexible Leather upper with laser-cut holes for ventilation.
  • Durable and flexible laces and hiking-boot inspired speed hooks and D-ring eyelets.

See more at Cafe du Cycliste.




Movement – James Hayden

When your sport is incredibly hard and results and fortune don’t go your way, how do you keep the fire inside burning? How do you pick yourself back up?

After five years of racing ultra-endurance, James Hayden had to re-assess his relationship with his sport. He had to find a way to live with it for the long term. No longer could he singularly focus on training with a fixed gaze on his next race. Instead, he resolved to build a more sustainable and physically active lifestyle, where the journey itself became the focus of his enjoyment.

In this short film, James reflects on how a move to a tiny village in the Catalan Pyrenees allowed him to build a new life with his young family. Whether hiking with his young son, riding into the mountains with his skis on his back, or simply working on his land – James’s focus is mindfulness, contentment and Movement.



Ronnie’s Rivendell “Rondini” Roadini

Follow along for a saddle sniff of the most recent iteration of Ronnie’s cantilever-modded, relaxed grav dad bike on a pleasant summer afternoon at the bottom of the Connecticut River.



Fern Paw 100

Fern the Dog, joins her human (Mountain Biker Paris Gore) on a ripping ride down one of the most rugged trails in Bellingham. With Fern leading the way, this is a canine shredit 4 all paw lovers.

Is Fern the Worlds Fastest Trail Dog?




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration via @vintage_MTB_Day

Well, we found this flier a day too late but it’s too good not to share. Mark your calendars for next year, folks!

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