Radar Roundup: Spider FAT Rack, Klunker Bars, Copper Morse, Food Chain V2, Bivo Bidons, Lug Pipes, Cycling the Dempster, Hannah Otto Enchilada, and Dropbar Bikes


Radar Roundup: Spider FAT Rack, Klunker Bars, Copper Morse, Food Chain V2, Bivo Bidons, Lug Pipes, Cycling the Dempster, Hannah Otto Enchilada, and Dropbar Bikes

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Aeroe Spider Fat Rack $149

Designed for FAT Bikes or E-Bikes up to 5inch tire width.

The Rack is the base layer of the Aeroe system and includes one Cradle to carry your drybag or tent, which can be mounted on the top or sides of the rack. Secure with the built-in straps – no fiddly cables or fiddly attachments. Customize your ride with additional Cradles (up to three), Pods and Aeroe accessories.

All Aeroe accessories fit both standard and FAT racks and can be used on both as required.

See more at Aeroe.

Velo Orange Restocked the Klunker Bars $60

Harkening back to the days of Repack and klunkers bombing the fabled road, the Velo Orange Klunker Bar is inspired by old Magura and Tomaselli offerings at the time. These upright, chromoly handlebars are the perfect position for bombing dirt roads, a trek across town to visit the new coffee shop, and loaded touring. The Klunker is 680mm wide, has a comfortable 45° sweep, and 3″ (7.6cm) of rise. The clamp diameter is 25.4mm and the grip area is 22.2mm – standard outer diameters for mountain and city brakes and shifters. Due to it’s design, you’ll need a removable faceplate stem to work with this bar.

Available in Nickel and Noir.


  • Stem Clamp: 25.4mm
  • Grip: 22.2mm
  • Rise: 7.6cm
  • Sweep: 45 deg
  • Width: 680mm
  • Weight: 792g

Back in stock now at Velo Orange.

Wolf Tooth Morse Cage in Limited Edition Copper $84.95

We’ve probably posted a dozen or so limited edition Wolf Tooth Morse Cages this year and it’s clear that Wolf Tooth ain’t stopping the torrent anytime soon. These new Copper cages look great! Pick up a set now at Wolf Tooth.

Collette Marie x Rogue Panda Food Chain’s a Bitch V2 Pattern

Perhaps you recall the Collette Marie design for Rogue Panda dubbed “Food Chain’s a Bitch” which featured a road runner eating a centipede? Well, the Las Cruces-based designer has solidified another design with the Flagstaff-based bag maker. You can now select this pattern when making a custom framebag at Rogue Panda.

Bivo Stainless Steel Water Bottles $44

Bivo makes 21 and 25oz insulated and standard, stainless steel water bottles that fit in your standard bottle cage, are coated with silicone to keep them from rattling in your cages, feature a “Gravity flow” cap (no need to squeeze), and always have a clean taste.


  • Silicone coated anti-rattle/anti-slip exterior
  • Patent pending high-flow sport nozzle
  • LFGB compliant food-grade silicone components
  • 100% recyclable stainless steel
  • BPA/BPS/BPF free polypropylene lid
  • Single-wall non-insulated (why?)
  • Lid is interchangeable with Bivo One
  • 25 oz capacity / 175 g dry weight / 9.63″ height

Check out the full lineup at Bivo.

eBay: Rob Roberson Lug Pipe Confente $1,200

Rob Roberson, a resident of California since 1966, and worked at Joe Bell Paint since 1998. Over the years, he’s worked at a number of shops, where he learned to build frames, and at some point in that timeline, he made a number of steel smoking pipes, featuring the names of some classic builders like Confente, Masi, and more. Larry_ravioli on eBay has a few of these pipes for sale. They’re too rich for our blood but are cool artifacts nonetheless. Check out the Rob Roberson profile from Classic Rendezvous below:

“From 1971 to 1976 he worked with Frank Appel at Old Town Bike Shop in San Diego learning mechanics, wheel building, brazing and machining. He made his first frame for himself in 1975, and up until 1979 made 20 or so frames for friends and locals. From ’77 to ’79 he also worked at Wheels ‘n’ Things bike shop in El Cajon as a mechanic and doing BMX frame repairs. At about that time the Masi factory in Carlsbad was disbanded and moved to Rancho Santa Fe where Mario Confente would head operations.
Confente passed away before things started and Ted Kirkbride asked Rob if he would give it a go.

Between 1979 and 1980 he was responsible for 301 frames and about another 50 in ’81 at a new location in San Marcos. From ’81 to ’86 he built about 100 custom frames of all types, mainly through his association with Brian Maloney’s Adams Ave. Bicycles in San Diego.

From 1986 to 1994 he did production work at Ibis Cycles in Sebastopol, Ca. where he was exposed to machining and welding techniques. From ’94 to ’97 he worked at Hooker Headers in Tijuana, Mexico; first building forks and later aluminum frames, and finally, after market exhaust pipes and mufflers for Harleys. Here he learned metal forming and bending techniques, machining, heat treating, welding, cutting and metal polishing.

He joined Joe Bell in 1998 and resumed making frames on a limited basis.

See the auction at eBay.



Cycling the Dempster

A 920 km bikepacking, hiking and fishing trip on the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean. to get rowdy on some steep gravel roads. Skids, drifts—you name it. It’s here.



HOUSE BLEND: Dropbar Bikes, Ingolstadt (GER)

HOUSE BLEND is a video series presenting dedicated Bombtrack core shops spread all over the planet. What feels better to a cyclist than to have a home, somewhere you feel comfortable with each time you’re crossing the threshold, where someone that can help to build the bike of your dreams resides, and where you can always find skilled mechanics that leave no doubt to their abilities and are always happy to help in moments when one at their wit’s end? This episode features Dropbar Bikes in Germany.



The Whole Enchilada Trail: Hannah Otto’s FKT Ride

Moab’s Whole Enchilada MTB trail is one of the best rides you can ever experience on two wheels. There’s high alpine forest singletrack, an expansive meadow overlooking colossal red rock monuments, and extensive slickrock tech riding, all while dropping 8,000’ from the La Sal mountains to the Colorado River. But that’s not the entire Whole Enchilada that Leadville winner Hannah Otto wants you to ride. It’s missing the climb up to earn that jaw-dropping scenery.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photograph by @vishsolo

“Sometimes hiking; always biking” is right!

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