Radar Roundup: Saddle Angle, Panda Snacks, Copper PINND, Black People Don’t Do That, and Desert Bike Fishing


Radar Roundup: Saddle Angle, Panda Snacks, Copper PINND, Black People Don’t Do That, and Desert Bike Fishing

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Aenomaly Constructs SwitchGrade

The SwitchGrade is a game-changing new bike component that lets cyclists change their bike’s saddle angle and effective seat angle on the fly, without tools! Tilt the back up for more saddle height and a steeper seat angle to crush climbs with greater ease and comfort. Then rotate the saddle out of the way for more clearance and control on descents!


  • 3 positions optimized for climbing, descending, and flat/undulating riding
    • -10 degree climb position (nose-down saddle)
    • 0 degree neutral position (flat saddle)
    • +12 degree descend position (nose-up saddle)
  • Compatible with most popular two-bolt style seatposts. See full list in the Compatibility Guide
  • Low profile design
  • Steepens effective seat angle greater than 1 degree in climb setting
  • Climb setting provides approx. 20mm additional height and 10mm forward offset
  • CNC machined from aerospace grade 7075 T6 and 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Weight: 170 grams
  • Made in Canada

See more at Aenomaly

Passchier Bamboo Handlebars

Perhaps you recall these bamboo handlebars from our 2021 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia coverage. Passchier makes bamboo bars, in various sweeps with a handful of color options. These bars are tested to ISO 4210-2:2015; fatigue and strength for commute and trekking bikes and offer a unique ride quality, reducing wrist fatigue.

See more at Passchier.

Pinnd CS2+ Pedals

Pinnd’s pedals are not what you’d call “budget” or “affordable”, yet we love that they exist. We’ve posted their CS2 pedals before and today the brand announced the CS2+ pedals which use beryllium copper spindles for increased strength over the standard CS2. Plus they look amazing with all that copper!


  • Pins 26 Per Pedal – Beryllium Copper
  • Body Material 7075 T6 Anodised Aluminium
  • Spindle Beryllium Copper
  • Inner Bearing HK1015 Needle Bearing
  • Outer Bearing 2 x Cartridge Bearings
  • Max Rider Weight No limit
  • Foot Print 110 x 105mm
  • Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty – half price crash replacement
  • Weight (pair) 480g with beryllium copper pins.

See more at Pinnd.



Black People Don’t Do That

Kenny X Hamlett’s Black People Don’t Do That looks to be a moving and compelling video project:

“I remember the first time I got out to surf with an all black crew and the impact it left on me for months to follow. I knew I had to share this feeling with others. We were able to just talk how we wanted without having to code switch. It was the most freeing experience I’ve had in the outdoors. To be black and outdoorsy. I think all of us in that moment had just a taste of what it must feel like being white and being in these outdoor spaces. We didn’t have to think about what space we were taking up, we just got to be here. This is Elijah story and his experiences as a black man who enjoys the outdoors. “

Our friends at Huckberry interviewed Elijah Burton and Kenny Hamlett at their journal and we highly suggest you read this one!



Desert Fly Fishing and Bikepacking

In October 2021, a group of friends in southern Utah set out on a 58-mile bike tour with plans to fish several alpine lakes along the way. But as so often happens with plans, they went awry. The weather had its own ideas, and by the time they reached the trailhead—at around 11,000 feet—the snow showed no signs of letting up. For the most part, bikes and snow don’t mix.

What does go well with mountain bikes and fly rods, on the other hand, are small desert streams and dusty trails with a sprinkling of sandstone slabs for good measure. When nature throws a wrench into the gears, sometimes you just have to shift them.

Read more at The Fly Fishing Journal.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @ericxburnside

Eric’s 35mm randoms from the past few months of bike touring and rides with friends have us pining for summer tours!

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