Radar Roundup: Ribble Gravel 725, Sam Hillborne Pre-Order, Rogue Panda Happy Jack Snack Sack, Mythos MTB Stem, 20th Annual Bicycle Quarterly, Restrap Solstice Century, NYC Velo and Alpine Luddites, and Making Marks


Radar Roundup: Ribble Gravel 725, Sam Hillborne Pre-Order, Rogue Panda Happy Jack Snack Sack, Mythos MTB Stem, 20th Annual Bicycle Quarterly, Restrap Solstice Century, NYC Velo and Alpine Luddites, and Making Marks

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Ribble Cycles Gravel 725 £2,099.00-£2,899.00

A high-performance gravel bike without limits, the Gravel 725 craves adventure. Whether you’ve planned a cross-continent bike odyssey or backcountry gravel session, it’s up for any adventure. A robust heat-treated Reynolds 725 steel frame and carbon forks tuned for exploration ensure a super-smooth ride quality that you can enjoy riding on any off-piste route your imagination can conjure.

Built with either Apex, Rival, or AXS kits, ranging from £2,099.00-£2,899.00. Roll on over to Ribble to see more.

Rivendell Sam Hillborne Pre-Order $1,750

Rivendell’s latest pre-order is for the Sam Hillborne all road bike. Yes, that means FOR ALL ROADS — paved, dirt, or gravel; and the kinds of fire trails a Conestoga wagon could negotiate, but not the kind that would require a jackass. If you’re skilled and have good judgement and fattish knobby tires, you can ride the SAM where you shouldn’t. Stick with what it’s designed for: all the above, and ROAD TOURING, ROAD SHOPPING, and ROAD COMMUTING.

The Sam is a versatile road and light trail bike.

ALL WEATHER: Easily fendered. Can the “gravel bike” you’re considering fit fenders? How about racks?

Everything that makes it a great touring bike also makes it a great commuter, camper or all-rounder. The Sam is equally a great bike for a carrying food and camping gear and clothing around.

The pre-order opens today at 12 Noon PST, so be sure to jump on it when it opens at Rivendell.

Rogue Panda Happy Jack Snack Sack $65

Rogue Panda’s new Snack Sack is the perfect place to stuff everything on your handlebars! Fill it with whatever suits your fancy – trail mix, gummy worms, pine cones, cool rocks you find on the trail… the sky’s the limit. The main compartment can hold a 1 liter Nalgene or 16 Snickers bars, and three mesh pockets on the outside provide even more room for quick-access snacks.

Easy One-Handed Closure
Yank the tab to open up the drawstring. Pull the cord to tuck your snacks in for their nap! It’s a simple idea, but the devil is in the details – we made dozens of prototypes before settling on the final design, which doesn’t rely on shock cord to open and close fully.

Rock Solid Voile Attachment System
Unlike similar bags on the market, the Snack Sack doesn’t use a stem strap or a head tube strap! This makes for an easier fit on modern trail bikes with short stems, and it means you can move the bag to make room for a top tube bag – even a monster like our Alamogordo. The Snack Sack attaches to your bars and fork crown with 3 Voile Nano Straps for an ultra-secure ride.


  • Volume: 1 liter (main compartment)
  • Volume: (full-size Snickers = 22; 16 in the main compartment, 6 in mesh pockets
  • Weight: 4 oz

See more at Rogue Panda!

MYTHOS ELIX 3-D Printed Scalmalloy Stem £416.67

We’re in the age of 3D printed bicycle components and while they might be our standard cup o’ tea, the fact that these components exist merits us shawing them. The MYTHOS ELIX stem is made from Scalmalloy® using state-of-the-art SLM Additive Manufacturing, a material and a manufacturing process typically reserved for the very top level of the aerospace and motorsport industries, the MYTHOS ELIX stem is the first in a line of cycling products like no other.

Having been designed specifically around the most extreme load-paths experienced by a stem, the Elix stem is 15% stiffer in torsion than an equivalent alloy stem while maintaining the same bending stiffness, so you can put more power down when you need to and still stay comfy on the rough stuff.


  • Lengths: 100-130mm
  • Angle: +/- 8 degrees
  • Weight: From 150g (Including hardware)
  • Stack height: 45mm
  • Handlebar Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Steerer Tube Diameter: 28.6mm (1 1/8”)
  • Material: Scalmalloy®
  • Hardware: Titanium M5x0.8 x 16 mm

See more at MYTHOS.

Bicycle Quarterly 20th Anniversary Edition

Jan Heine’s Bicycle Quarterly has turned 20 this year. That’s 20 years of deep tech dives, reviews, and photos from randonneuring and bicycle camping trips alike. If you don’t have a subscription, now’s the time! See more at Bicycle Quarterly.

The Restrap Solstice Century Returns for 2022

Restrap’s year-end bicycle camping bash returns this year. This time round they’re encouraging riders to make the most of the shortest days of the year over the Winter Solstice weekend of the 17th and 18th of December. The challenge is to ride 100 miles over the course of the weekend. This can be over one ride, or multiple rides. The ride can be outdoors, indoors, on any terrain and any bike, so go nuts!

Those who sign up to the form below will receive an entry form email on Monday the 19th of December to submit their ride(s) from the weekend using Strava, Komoot, RideWithGPS or any other ride tracking platform and redeem their free patch.

Roll on over to Restrap to sign up!

NYC Velo Hell’s Kitchen Hosts Alpine Luddites This Friday

This Friday starting at 6pm, NYC Velo Hell’s Kitchen is hosting John Campbell of @alpine_luddites for a pop-up and meet & greet. Like us, NYC Velo’s staff are enormous fans of what AL does with high quality and extremely durable ice-climbing and adventure cycling bags done with a twist of self-sufficiency and conservationism. Free to the public with snacks and drinks provided. Come thru!



Cannondale | Making Marks | Max Nerurkar

Max Nerurkar is part of the Cannondale Waves crew. As well as being a rider, he is a painter, skater, artist, creative, and producer of content that expresses his ideas.

He is, by definition, a lovable rogue.


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