Radar Roundup: Revel Bikes New RW30 Wheels, Hyacinth Stainless Racks, Engin Subcompact Spider, Adventure Cycling Short Routes, Le Pilgrimage, Café Americano, and Grit Cycles


Radar Roundup: Revel Bikes New RW30 Wheels, Hyacinth Stainless Racks, Engin Subcompact Spider, Adventure Cycling Short Routes, Le Pilgrimage, Café Americano, and Grit Cycles

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Revel Bikes Announce the NEW RW30 Rim and Wheelset $2199

After first announcing its Fusionfiber wheels in 2020, Revel has completely redesigned its made in Utah hoops and wheelsets. Primarily, the Revel engineers were dedicated to making a stronger rim where it matters most while also keeping the dampened and predictable ride feel the RW30 wheels are known for.

These new wheels are optimized for 28 spokes, feature an internal width of 30mm (38mm external width), and use symmetrical angled spoke drilling. By increasing the width of the bead wall (hook) on the new RW30, Revel achieved a 23% increase in impact resistance.  In summation, the new RW30 wheels provide a stronger and more reliable wheel, without a weight penalty.


  • NEW rim dimensions and profile for improved durability while maintaining the excellent ride quality the RW30 and FUSIONFIBER® are known for
  • 485g rim weight. 1,850g complete wheelset weight *(from configuration listed above)
  • 30mm internal width. 38mm external width
  • 4mm bead wall (hook) thickness offers greater durability than before
  • Symmetrical angled spoke hole drilling
  • Lifetime Warranty and Crash Replacement

See more at Revel Bikes.

Ukraine-made HYACINTH Bike Racks Imported by SOMA and Rivendell

The Merry Sales Co. and Rivendell Bicycle Works will be importing HYACINTH stainless steel racks manufactured in Ukraine. While Merry will be handling dealer accounts, Rivendell will be handling retail sales to consumers. Rivendell and Merry Sales have agreed to donate $5 for every rack sold towards the Ukrainian war relief.

The first two racks available are the Wild Child and Crystal Ship. Yes, those are titles of songs from the Doors, a favorite band of the people at Hyacinth. The racks are welded from AISI 30 tubular stainless steel with A2-70 strength class stainless bolts. The factory is located in Kiev, the once besieged capital of Ukraine.

They are now available from: www.merrysales.com and www.rivbike.com

Engin Subcompact Spider $75

We love the Engin Cycles Port Royal cranks. But if you’re not into 1x drivetrains, don’t let that sway you from buying a set. Especially now, with the Subcompact Spider. This custom spider allows the use of subcompact 110/74 BCD chainrings with cranks that have 3-bolt removable spiders. These are designed to open up the use of low gear Sugino Compact Plus+ rings in 46/32 and 44/30 tooth combinations with existing road cranks.

Check out more at Engin Cycles.

Check out John’s review of the Port Royal cranks: Engin Cycles Port Royal Crankset Review: A Modern Crank With a Vintage Silhouette

Adventure Cycling’s Short Routes for Bike Travel Beginners

With a vision that that the joy and freedom of bicycle travel should be accessible to everyone, Adventure Cycling Association launched the Short Routes Program, an innovative endeavor aimed at breaking down barriers and making bike travel more approachable, no matter someone’s level of experience or available time.

On August 7, 2023, Adventure Cycling will open submissions for new Short Routes. Anyone can submit a route in the US that a beginner can bike in two to five days, with approximately 20-50 miles of riding each day.

“I am pleased to be expanding our route library with these community-sourced Short Routes and look forward to seeing what places are begging to be discovered by a new audience,” said Jennifer Hamelman, Director of Routes. “Submitting a favorite regional trip is a fabulous way to contribute to and help us grow the bicycle travel movement.”

Short routes are two- to five-day bicycle routes and itineraries, crafted with the beginner adventurer in mind and are available free as Ride with GPS routes on the Adventure Cycling website. Current Short Routes start from Los Angeles, CA; Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Minneapolis, MN; Philadelphia, PA; Austin, TX; and Seattle, WA.

While Adventure Cycling is known for its long, epic bicycle touring routes around the United States, life’s commitments can sometimes make it challenging to embark on long, multi-week tours. These shorter routes, allowing cyclists to escape from the daily grind without sacrificing the enchantment of bicycle travel. A community-driven approach ensures that these routes are reviewed for accessibility, so cyclists can experience the thrill of adventure, even with limited time, skills, or equipment.

See more at Adventurecycling.org

Le Pilgrimage Gravel Challenge

The idea behind Le Pilgrimage is something fresh and innovative in the world of gravel events. Le Pilgrimage is a self-supported and hosted centre-based, three-stage event, with each stage being progressively more challenging than the one before. Stage 1 will be 100-130kms in length, with 3500 to 4000m of climbing. Stage 2 will be similar distance, but with the climbing upped to between 3600 and 4200m. Stage 3 is the ‘queen’ stage and will be 200-230kms in length and will include a whopping 6000 to 6500m of climbing. “As this stage is so challenging, we suspect many people will want to bivvy out en-route and we can provide advice on potential places to sleep including camping and hotel options for those who want it too” said Simon. ‘But, for those who prefer to sleep in the basecamp, there’s a shortcut option too.’

The exact route details and stats will be confirmed closer to the date of the event, which kicks off on September 15th after a welcome dinner with local cuisine for all pilgrims on the 14th of september.

The event takes place in Puy Saint Vincent situated in the Écrins National Parc, on the French/Italian border. Each day promises to involve “breath-taking mountain summits, riding through hidden valleys, passing isolated refuges, reaching high-altitude mountain lakes and setting your eyes on glaciers by tackling some of the toughest and most trying trails.”

Check out more information at www.le-pilgrimage.com and follow the event on Instagram.




Café Americano

Follow along on an immersive experience with adventure filmmaker, Joey Schusler as Yeti rider, Shawn Neer guides us through the Italian countryside in search of the best cup of coffee life has to give.



The Story Behind Grit Cycles

If you’ve ever wondered how bike shops are started, here’s a great behind the scenes look at how Grit Cycles came to be…




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