Radar Roundup: RatKing Cradle Pre-Sale, 8bar Tflsberg Steel v2, New Ripton Overalls, MAAP Merino, Vintage Bologna Ridge, MADE Interviews Pt 1, and Never Grow Up


Radar Roundup: RatKing Cradle Pre-Sale, 8bar Tflsberg Steel v2, New Ripton Overalls, MAAP Merino, Vintage Bologna Ridge, MADE Interviews Pt 1, and Never Grow Up

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

RatKing Cradle $155

Featured in today’s MADE coverage, the RatKing Cradle was one of the more unique products we saw while browsing the aisles. Similar to old seat post and steerer mounted bag supports from the era of the French Constructeurs, these cradles are made for modern, modular usage. The Cradle is an adjustable bag support + cargo platform for bicycle fork steerers or seat posts. Simply change the bolting array for the correct angle for your commuter or tourer.


  • Stem: Replaces 20mm of headset Spacers – 1 1/8″ bore – approximately 80mm from center of steerer to front of Cradle
  • Platform: 4.5″x9.75″ (115mm x 245mm)
  • 265g with all included hardware
  • Not for use on carbon

Pre-order now at RatKing!

8bar Tflsberg Steel v2

When it comes to a proper touring bike, a steel fork and countless braze-ons elevate a bike from semi-specific to specific. No more floppy, structureless bags dragging on your tires, simply install a lightweight rack, strap on some bags and gett’erdone. The 8bar Tflsberg recently underwent some updates including a steel fork (yay!) and some geometry tweaks. In terms of what you want in a tourer, this checks a lot of boxes. See more at 8bar Bikes.

Ripton & Co’s Rust and White Acid Overalls $149

We had no idea Ripton would become such a staple part of cycling and cycling-adjacent apparel when the brand first launched but here we are! Going into another winter season (boooo!), it’s time to start thinking about riding pants and if you haven’t given a set of overalls a try, well, now might be a good time because honestly, these are the slickest colors yet.

Ripton just announced the new Rust and White Acid washes and they’re up for pre-order now at Ripton!

MAAP Goes Merino with its Naturalmatch Line for Men and Women

The  Embark Team Jersey is MAAP’s latest creation, crafted from NATURALMATCH®, a lightweight blend of extra fine merino and high-performance synthetics with a super soft skin feel that dials up the comfort. Merino wool offers enhanced moisture-management, antimicrobial and anti-odour properties to ensure you look and feel fresh. MAAP’s signature Team Fit design provides a form-fitting shape with soft, understated lines for an easy-to-wear style

These jerseys look great and merino blends not only last longer but are softer to the skin and are moth-resistant.

See more at MAAP.




Vintage Bologna Ridge

Vintage rides in the Marin Headlands are the best and Calling in Sick Mag takes us along to showcase why!



MADE Bike Show Interviews, part 1

Velo Orange was at MADE and during the brand’s time there, they interviewed some attendees. Here’s part one.



Never Grow Up

Often in life, simplicity is something we grow out of. Filling the day-to-day with an ever-expanding list of things that consume our time, leaving us with choices made that are viewed in the rearview mirror. A youthful innocence lost in a complex world with many distractions. Few find themselves able to break away. Jason Gainey was introduced to biking at a formative age, where riding and carelessness weren’t lost to the thoughts of tomorrow. Forming a connection to be tested, Jason found himself walking away from the sport he grew up loving. A realization and reflection on the simplicity of what makes Jason, Jason, led to the rediscovery of that joy biking gave him in those younger years. After over forty years since he first felt that feeling, the passion continues to motivate Jason. His days are now filled with riding, racing, coaching, and more riding; maybe he is just a kid who never grew up?




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

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