Radar Roundup: Outer Shell Randonneur Ultralight, Lithic Gravel and MTB Forks, Circles and Bassi Bikes, Sensus Crüe Pedals, and Jenn Jackson Floats


Radar Roundup: Outer Shell Randonneur Ultralight, Lithic Gravel and MTB Forks, Circles and Bassi Bikes, Sensus Crüe Pedals, and Jenn Jackson Floats

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Kyle From Outershell and His PBP Kit: Outer Shell UL Handlebar Bag $145

Whether you’re getting into randonneuring, taking on PBP, or just cruising some primo gravel, the Outer Shell Drawcord handlebar bag is one of our favs out there and it just got better! Kyle, the founder of Outer Shell, is taking on the Paris-Brest-Paris randonnee on his Hunter Cycles ‘cross bike, and on it is a new Ultralight Handlebar Bag.



The Rando UL Series is built for those who want the best. It was designed for Paris Brest Paris, the Olympics of randonneuring. It’s made from ULTRA 400X fabric – a super robust and ultralight fabric similar to Dyneema. We picked the slightly reflective white color for those extended periods of night riding. The DHB is adorned with high-vis orange cord as well.
The whole kit includes a matching Half Frame BagMini Saddlebag, and Rolltop Saddlebag. Check out our journal page to see the whole bike setup.

Special release limited to 30 bags only. In stock and shipping from Outer Shell today!


Wolf Tooth / Lithic Carbon Gravel and Mountain Forks $549.95/$629.95

Lithic, Wolf Tooth’s in house carbon component brand, has just announced three new forks; a gravel, mountain, and fat bike forks. Previously, the fat bike fork was available on the Otso Voytek ( Read John’s review here: Otso Voytek Review: More Than Just a Fat Bike) and on the Otso gravel bikes (check out Brenda’s review here: Her Knight in Shining Armor: Brenda’s Otso Warakin Stainless) but the Mountain fork is a brand new development.

The Lithic Mountain Fork is a carbon fork for mountain bikes. Thanks to swappable machined dropout components, it has adjustable offset and it is compatible with either 110mm and 100mm hubs, as well as post mount and flat mount brakes, giving you an option for just about any mountain or touring bike on the market.

Based on your selection, the fork ships with one dropout option; the three others are available as replacement parts. The dual three-pack mounts and clearance for 29” x 3.0” tires make it great for unsupported backcountry riding, while the 624g bare fork weight keeps it light and fast for racing and riding trails.

Otso, Lithic, and Wolf Tooth have been cranking out products, suited for riders who want more uses from a single chassis and these new forks are quite impressive!

See more at Lithic.

Check out some more Otso reviews here:

Circles Japan Builds Bassi Bikes

Operating out of Montréal’s based-C&L Cycles since 2009, Bassi bikes are versatile, all-rounders. With everything from rigid MTBs to tracklocross frames, the brand’s five offerings span the need of many riders, and we have a feeling many of The Radavist’s readers.

Meanwhile, over in Nagoya, our friends at Circles have been building up several of these frames, and they’re so easy on the eyes. So much so that we wanted to share the shop’s builds page to inspire your future builds.

Roll on over to Circles to check out the Bassi builds and to C&L Cycles to see Bassi’s current spread.

Sensus Crüe Pedals $189

It wasn’t long ago there was a shortage of US-made MTB pedals but in the past few years, lots of brands have emerged, showcasing the abilities of CNC shops. Sensus is a manufacturer that makes grips and seats for trail riding but its Crüe Pedals really caught out eyes recently. Featuring a CroMo Spindle (titanium spindles available as an upgrade) and IGUS bushings, primarily used on Trophy Trucks racing in Baja, the internals of the Crue Pedal are bomber, featuring double ABEC main bearings for added strength and longevity, as well as an 8mm dust-seal to make servicing easy for years to come.

The entire pedal is replaceable, upholding the Right to Repair Act.

Check out more at Sensus.




Jenn Jackson rides the New FLOAT SL

Join 2023 Canadian XCO National Champion Jenn Jackson form the Liv Factory Racing team as she puts the all new FLOAT SL through it’s paces in her new backyard on Vancouver Island. Built for superlight efficiency of XC riding with all-new compression and rebound valving for increased traction and ride feel unmatched in the ultralight shock category.




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