Radar Roundup: INSPECT RideWithGPS, New Crust Bars, Rogue Panda Harness, Handup Summer, and More!


Radar Roundup: INSPECT RideWithGPS, New Crust Bars, Rogue Panda Harness, Handup Summer, and More!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…


Inspect allows users to search for routes anywhere — any road, any trailhead, any campsite, any city block, any place anywhere in the world. It seamlessly ties together the Ride with GPS community-sourced route library, the global heatmap, and route type filters to help users spend less time searching for great routes and more time riding.


Inspect provides information that is incredibly specific to a location and to a user’s riding goals. Once users select a location, they can get even more specific. Paved or unpaved? Loop or out-and-back? All of the above? Whatever you’re looking for, our surface and route type filters will help you narrow down the options that Inspect finds for a location. No more guesswork needed to find the perfect route.


Inspect amplifies the power of the heatmap and provides a detailed breakdown of where all the activity is coming from. When you see a spot on the map with interesting heat, you can long-press to see the most popular routes and rides that pass through that specific point.

Crust Bikes New Harvey Mushman Riser Bar $120

The Harvey Mushman bar is the ideal handlebar for the anonymous weekend rider looking to ditch those spacers under their stem or just get nice and upright. The Mushman bar has about 75mm (3″) of rise, making it a good choice for a bike with a bit lower stack height like the Wombat. It comes in two sweeps, either 14° like Crust’s Loose Bar, or 24° for more of a chilled out feeling cockpit.

See more at Crust Bikes!

Rogue Panda Canelo Handlebar Harness $150

Looking for a lightweight handlebar harness that can take the roughest terrain you can throw at it? You’re in luck – we designed the Canelo Handlebar Harness for the rough singletrack of Arizona and ended up with a design that’s super stable and only weighs 8 oz. A carbon fiber bar keeps your dry bag away from your brakes and shifters, and our GlidePlate holds the harness tight to your head tube while protecting it from abrasion.

See more at Rogue Panda!

New HandUp Gloves Designs $32

Warmer weather is here, finally, and with that comes the need for a lighter-weight glove. For those looking for a little spice in their life, check out the new Handup Gloves warm-weather designs. There are eight new designs total, and they are shipping today from Handup.



UNA CHIMBA – A Colombian gravel documentary

The most insane and intense self supported bike packing rally in Colombia: Transcordilleras. Watch the battle between frenemies Laurens ten Dam and Peter Stetina on the unforgiving but mindblowing gravel roads of Colombia. It’s them vs the Colombian Andes Mountains, up up up & down, 8 days long.


Crust Bikes ScapeBot

From the looks of this top-secret footage from within the Crust Bikes computer lab, I’d say they’ve cooked up a new bike model…


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @JohnProlly

John always brakes for dirt road vistas, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

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