Radar Roundup: FOUR TWENTY


Radar Roundup: FOUR TWENTY

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos and stuff… from the ‘net in an easy-to-roll format. Read on below for today’s high findings…


Dangle Supply Celebrates “Cultivation” for Earth Day 2022

For this 4/20 and Earth Day, High Technology outdoors company Dangle Supply is celebrating with a number of limited edition products including the “Weed Masters” Landscaping company and some new product drops. Available Wednesday, April 20, exclusively at: https://danglesupply.com/

The “Long Cobb” Pipe

A new take on Dangle’s number one selling Ti Cobb pipe. This lightweight titanium smoking pipe has a longer stem for those who prefer more space between their lips and the bowl. An unbreakable, stashable option for getting High Outside. $69.42

“Stanley” Finish Dangle Bong and Smokey Pipe

These special edition finishes resemble a classic camp thermos, the ultimate flex when you are hanging out at camp. Available for the Smokey Pipe titanium pipe and DangleBong water pipe in super limited quantities. $169.42, $79.69

Weed Masters Landscaping

Who are the unsung heroes of being High Outside other than the humble landscaper. Dangle is dropping merch from their hypothetical landscaping company “Weed Masters” as well.

State Bicycle Co 420-Edition Klunker, Jersey, and Accessories

The most fun you can have for $420. The “420” edition Klunker features stunning details that make the bike feel like a 1-of-a-kind hand painted custom. Starting with the green & purple pearl paint, with lowrider-style pin striping. State added lock-on custom 420 grips, 420 valve caps and a custom 420 saddle that are only available in the “420 edition” Klunker. Only 100 will be made. Additionally, State dropped a limited-edition Jerseys and Tech-Ts for the 420 Collection, Custom 420 Grips, and are back again with their ever-popular 420 Handlebar Plugs.












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