Radar Roundup: Farewell Atalaya Plus Plus Bag, Mosaic MT-2 Ti Hardtail, Swift Olliepack Seat Bag, PNW Pebble Tool Review, Wolf Tooth Lock On Grips, WTB 40mm Vulpine Grav Grav Tires, and Four Ladies on a Bikepacking Trip!


Radar Roundup: Farewell Atalaya Plus Plus Bag, Mosaic MT-2 Ti Hardtail, Swift Olliepack Seat Bag, PNW Pebble Tool Review, Wolf Tooth Lock On Grips, WTB 40mm Vulpine Grav Grav Tires, and Four Ladies on a Bikepacking Trip!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Farewell Atalaya Plus Plus™ – Preorder $155

Our local to Santa Fe bag maker, Farewell, just developed a new handlebar bag dubbed the Atalaya Plus Plus™ pack. These roomie bags are a culmination of Farewell’s OG Atalaya Pack but tweaked/upsized and also incorporated some additional features based on customer requests. This design puts 7L of carrying capacity right at your fingertips. The secure attachment system and mid-range capacity makes this bag a great choice for long gravel days, bikepacking, touring, XC-MTB, and daily life.


  • Size: 12”W x 6’D x 6”H
  • Capacity: ~7L
  • Clearance requirements: 10” from centerline of handlebars at lowest possible mounting point to the horizontal plane of top of tire.
  • Weight: ~10oz, varies with material choices

These bags are available as a pre-order now at Farewell.

Mosaic Updates the MT-2 Hardtail Mountain Bike

The MT-2 is designed with modern geometry and componentry in mind, making it the ultimate trail companion. Intended to be built with a 120mm suspension fork, and with ample clearance for 29×2.6 tires, the MT-2 is a modern XC hardtail, with a hint of rowdy trail shredding built in. A size-specific straight gauge titanium tubeset delivers a lightweight and exceptionally strong frameset that is built to be durable, comfortable, and exceptionally fun to ride.

Batch Built in Mosaic Stock Geometry, a limited number of MT-2’s are available now with delivery in 2-4 weeks pending finishwork selection. Frames can be configured one of two ways, with external full-length shift, brake, and internal dropper routing, or for eTap AXS shifting with a dropper port in the seat tube and external rear brake. All cables run externally through cable guides on the underside of the downtube. Made to order, custom MT-2’s are also available through our normal build process and carry a 12 week lead time.

See more at Mosaic.

Swift Industries Olliepack Seat Bag $180

If your idea of a good time includes shredding singletrack or ripping rougher terrain on bikepacking adventures, the Olliepack Seat Bag is your new back-of-bike best friend!

Today, Swift Industries announced the release of the Olliepack Seat Bag, a 6L roll-top saddle bag made out of recycled Ecopack material. Swift worked closely with brand ambassadors Anton Krupicka and Hailey Moore to bring a lightweight, minimalist pack to the table. Moved by the slogan “wag is whack,” each design choice on the Olliepack Seat Bag was driven by the team’s fierce conviction that bike bags shouldn’t sway. Rather, they should move with the bicycle as an integrated component. To accomplish this mission, the bag itself is more compact than many on the market and the profile of the pack maximizes contact with the saddle and seat post. The Olliepack design has uniquely positioned attachment straps that increase vertical compression and minimize lateral movement.

Features include:

  • A mesh pocket on the underside of the Olliepack is ideal for wrappers, tools and small accessories.
  • Distinguishable design nudges for easy attachment
  • Reflective detailing for increased rider-safety
  • Available in three colors: Coyote, Black, Teal

See more at Swift Industries!

PNW Components Pebble Tool Review $37

Pocket tools can be pretty remarkable. Over the past few months, there have been a number of small, compact tools on the market, all with their own clever spin on a very commonly available platform. PNW’s latest release is the Pebble, a small, compact toolset with a big surprise.

In an era where many companies would try to knock off Dynaplug’s superior design, PNW incorporated its plugger ends into the Pebble. The sharp brass tip that makes Dynaplugs so effective is protected by the end of a 6mm socket so you don’t have to worry about plugging your leg or hand by accident (they’re not that sharp anyway.)

The Pebble won’t break the bank at $37 either!

● Blackout Black
● Blood Orange
● Fruit Snacks Purple
● Golden Daze Bronze

Product Details:
● Bits included: Torx T25, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Hex
● Integrated Dynaplug® tire repair accessory (including 1 Dynaplug® Soft Tip tire repair plug)
● Size: 65mm L x 21mm W
● Thickness: 15mm
● Weight: 51 grams
● Compatible Dynaplug® replacement tire repair plugs include:
○ Soft Nose Tip (Dynaplug® part # DPB-1472) *included w/ Pebble Tool
○ Pointed Tip (Dynaplug® part # DPB-1670)
○ Bullet Tip (Dynaplug® part # DPB-1496)
○ Soft Nose For Air Road Kit (Dynaplug® part # DPB-4068)

See more at PNW Components.

Wolf Tooth Echo Lock On Grips $29.95

Wolf Tooth continues its constant trickle of new product drops in 2022 with its new Echo Lock On Grips. These are made for mountain biking in any/all forms. The rubber material is soft and tacky to the touch, while the alternating diagonal pattern of the grip keeps the rider’s hand in place with or without gloves in any condition. Grips are made with black molded rubber and come with anodized aluminum collars that match the eight primary colors of other Wolf Tooth anodized accent pieces. Includes Wolf Tooth plastic bar end plugs. Upgrade to matching Alloy Bar plugs or store tools in your handlebars with the Wolf Tooth EnCase System.


  • 132mm long and 32mm diameter
  • Available in all Wolf Tooth colors.
  • Bolt in collar is tightened/loosened via 3mm hex wrench
  • All pieces are available as replacement parts via Wolf Tooth’s Right to Repair program

Check out more at Wolf Tooth.

WTB Vulpine in 40mm $65.95

The Vulpine tire is a gravel racing tire, perfect for hardpack dirt and loose gravel. Yet previously it was only available in 36mm. Today, WTB announced the Vulpine in a 40mm casing, perfect for adding just a little more cushion for when the road gets rough…

Roll on over to WTB to see more!



Four Ladies on their FIRST EVER Bikepacking Adventure!

After finishing some huge boat projects, Taryn from Wayward Life decided to go for a bikepacking adventure, but this time she left her family at home and replaced them with three lady friends. Check out their route on Komoot!


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @johnprolly

John’s always tinkering on some vintage project but these stripped 1987 Tom Ritchey made bullmoose bars are too beautiful to not share!

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