Radar Roundup: Chuckbucket, Camo Saddle, Mystic Arts, and Bicycle Nomad


Radar Roundup: Chuckbucket, Camo Saddle, Mystic Arts, and Bicycle Nomad

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Oveja Negra Chuckbucket™ Handlebar Snack Bag Wack Pack Re-Up $60

There are lots of options in the cockpit bag market but it’s hard to beat Oveja Negra’s Chuckbuckets. They’re nice and roomy, fit a Nalgene bottle, have a meshed side pocket and with the Wack Pack offerings, are a colorful cargo solution. Check out availability at Oveja Negra!

WTB and Blue Lug Camo Saddles $82.26

Leave it to Japan’s Blue Lug to bust out the limited edition saddles. They have style for days!

See these saddles at Blue Lug’s International webshop!

Mystic Headbadges $150-180

Faith Walsh makes custom and in-house designed headbadges in Mystic, CT. She’ll either make you a custom badge ($100 deposit, pricing determined by the design) or you can select from her $150-180 badges in stock now. These are a truly fun way to spice up the headtube on your bike. See more at Mystic Headbadges!



swrve: Five Questions with Bicycle Nomad

swrve checks in with Erick Cedeño and asks five questions ranging from riding the Underground Railroad to camp coffee.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration by @artofandrewsmith

Spreading spores & doing chores ✌️ Artist Andrew Smith just posted this wonderful illustration, which is for sale if anyone is interested:

Acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, ink, and pencil on Arches cold-pressed paper


DM @artofandrewsmith if you want it!

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