Radar Roundup: BTCHN Titanium Drop Bars, Sklar SuperSomething Stock, Brooks B190, SimWorks X PAUL Turquoise, Oracle Ridge Endurance PLUS, Pas Normal X fizik, The Business of Cycling, 2023 Nutmeg Nor’easter, Fab’s User Manual, Bikepacking in a Suit, Nukeproof Digger, and Racing in Kyrgyzstan


Radar Roundup: BTCHN Titanium Drop Bars, Sklar SuperSomething Stock, Brooks B190, SimWorks X PAUL Turquoise, Oracle Ridge Endurance PLUS, Pas Normal X fizik, The Business of Cycling, 2023 Nutmeg Nor’easter, Fab’s User Manual, Bikepacking in a Suit, Nukeproof Digger, and Racing in Kyrgyzstan

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

BTCHN’ Ti Drop Bar $580

The latest component from BTCHN’ is a full titanium drop bar. This is a product Tyler from BTCHN has been yearning to make for years and am extremely proud of its execution. The magic is in the 3D printed corners which allow for ergonomic geometries that are not possible with traditional manufacturing processes. The other beauty of this design is it allows me to offer you a wide range of widths and flare, custom to your spec, made to order. It’s your bar… You will spend many hours with it and it should fit exactly as you’d expect and feel like home.

Titanium is a special material and because of its properties as a handlebar, it can provide more suppleness than any other material.. and do it safely! The heavily ovalized top section allows for a large surface for your palm, while simultaneously making the bar more aero. Win Win. This bar also comes with lightweight 3D printed PLA ergo inserts that can be installed on the drops underneath the bar tape as per your liking. If you prefer a more traditional drop bend, then leave them out.


Pre-Order Window opens Sep 6th and closes Sep 17th

31.8 Clamp Diameter
87mm Reach
107mm Drop
Custom Width from 36cm-52cm (Hoods)
Custom Flare from 7deg-23deg

Anodizing Options:
Plain Jane (Brushed Ti with small BTCHN’ logo anodized next to stem clamp)
High Voltage Fade (Magenta/Turquoise as in product image)
Low Voltage Fade (Bronze/Purple)

Check out more at BTCHN Bikes.

Sklar SuperSomething End of Summer Stock $1,599

Is it super? Is it something? The Super Something is ready for anything, an incredibly versatile platform here to handle all of your variable road and terrain needs. This bike will be really fun in a variety of setup and is designed to grow and change along with your riding style.

Through designing hundreds of custom bikes, Adam found that there is no tool for a specific job like a truly custom built scalpel of a bicycle. Many of those one-offs ended up in Adam’s hands to try out new geometries, parts and ideas. Those bikes were fun, but they came and went. The bikes that stuck around seemed to be the generally built, all-purpose bikes. Ones that could be fun season after season, or reimagined with a new handlebar, tires, or some new setup when it started to feel stale. The Super Something is a bike you will want to keep around forever. Adaptable for anything or something.

Sklar Bikes just took delivery of its late summer SuperSomething frames, so roll on over to Sklar Bikes and scoop one before they sell out! Also, if you’re looking for a few remnants from our collaboration with Sklar Bikes, The Pro’s Closet still has a few builds and framesets.

Brooks B190 Saddle $250

At Brooks, comfort is a craft, one honed for more than a century and a half by generations of skilled workers. Representing the epitome of this tradition, the brand is proud to welcome the B190 back to its timeless saddle lineup. Featuring the largest leather top suspended above a double-spring assembly, the B190 offers truly unrivaled comfort, carefully constructed one rail, rivet, and turn of the wrench at a time.

Check out more at Brooks.

SimWorks X PAUL Component Turquoise Addition

SimWorks has teamed up with Chico, CA-based PAUL Components to offer a collection of special Turquoise anodized parts. The collection is exclusive to SimWorks and is emblematic of an effort for us to expand beyond the brand’s Japanese offerings to work in conjunction with other highly-regarded makers in the States.

This special collection includes:

  • Klamper mechanical brakes in both flat mount and IS mount configurations with LP and SP actuator arms – featuring SimWorks “Heart & Arrow” engraving (sold individually)
  • Motolite Linear Pull Brakes – featuring SimWorks “Heart & Arrow” engraving (sold individually)
  • Canti and Compact Love Levers for LP and SP flat bar compatibility (sold only in pairs)
  • Custom Paul Bottle Opener/Tool with SimWorks exclusive katakana “alphabet lesson”
  • Ano color matched Turquoise White Industries – crank extractor cap sets for MR30 as well as square taper sizes (sold only in pairs)
  • Collaborative Specialized Purist 22oz Bottle with engraving artwork from the bottle opener

All bike components in the collection will be available in either Black/TQ as well as Silver/TQ colorways

All parts in this collection will be inline with PAUL’s MSRP Pricing.

This collection will be available at 3:00 pm PST today, exclusively from Sim Works.

Rene Herse 700×48 Oracle Ridge Endurance PLUS

One of the most popular tires in the Rene Herse program is the Oracle Ridge dual-purpose knobby. Now it’s also available with our ultra-tough Endurance PLUS casing.

At 48 mm wide, the Oracle Ridge hits the sweet spot between narrow gravel tire and mountain bike volume—ideal for the latest generation of gravel and all-road bikes. With tall and widely spaced knobs, it grips tenaciously long after most ‘gravel’ tires with their small (and mostly ornamental) knobs have surrendered to rocky and muddy terrain. And when the gravel turns to pavement, these knobbies roll and corner like slicks.

Now, in an Endurance PLUS model, you can experience the Oracle Ridge in a more robust casing.

Check out more at Rene Herse.

Pas Normal Studios X fizik Ferox Carbon Shoes $335

Danish cycling kit pioneers Pas Normal Studios and fizik, the Italian brand known for their performance shoes and saddles, are launching a series of collaborative items. The first in line is a minimalist take on fizik’s gravel-specific Ferox Carbon shoe.

Merging the Scandinavian roots of Pas Normal Studios with the highly technical and tactile performance of fizik, the Pas Normal Studios x fizik Ferox Carbon is available globally, now.

See more at Pas Normal.


The Business of Cycling Interviews John

If you’re looking for some background noise/banter this morning, check out John’s interview with The Business of Cycling podcast. Learn about the genesis of The Radavist, what makes John tick, and where all this is going in the future.

Thanks to Wyatt for the time and space!


2023 Nutmeg Nor’Easter Pre Reg Info

The Nutmeg Nor’Easter is nigh! Ronnie and Arya at Ron’s Bikes have a post up for pre-registration on their blog. This will answer the who, what, and where questions you have. So go check it out at Ron’s Bikes if you’re planning on attending.




Ron’s Bikes presents the third and most current users manual for the Ron’s Bikes Fabio’s Chest bicycle bag. This manual shows off the fun and features of the Connecticut-made Fab’s under our own production starting in 2020 with the tulip patch. Previous iterations were made for us by Swift Industries and their corresponding Manuelos can also be found on Ron’s Bikes YouTube dating back to the 2016 version.

Ron’s also stocked some SUPER SLICK Doom’d Grey Fab’s Chests today! Check it all out at Ron’s Bikes.



Identity politics commentary aside, this is the literal embodiment of the corporate 9-5 escape!



Nukeproof Digger: Unnecessary but Totally Awesome

Some things in life are unnecessary, but definitely awesome. Case in point: The Nukeproof Digger. It blurs the lines between alt-road, old-school mountain bike, and supreme shred machines, but Nukeproof likes to think of them as just another awesome way to get around… just don’t forget your bag of candy.

See more at Nukeproof.



KYRGYZSTAN: Racing the Silk Road Mountain Race

The Silk Road Mountain Race is a 2000km bikepacking race around Kyrgyzstan. The race is predominately off road taking on high altitude mountain passes and rough tracks as the route winds its way around the country.

KYRGYZSTAN is a short film shot during the 2023 edition of the race and edited by Ryan Le Garrec.




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

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