Racin’ Bikes in a Junkyard – Chris Lee

Racin’ Bikes in a Junkyard: the Bilenky Junkyard Cross Race
Photos and interview by Chris Lee

For many of the cyclocross racers in the Northeast, December means its finally time to hang up the ‘cross bike and start putting down base miles for road season. Another group however gets geared up for what they consider the most fun on a bike they’ll have all year. Yes, its time for the infamous Bilenky Junkyard Cross race.

A few weekends ago marked another year for the Junkyard Cross race. Although attendance was lower than last year’s (Philadelphia held the Single Speed World Championships the day after), the amount of enthusiasm, love and of course, alcohol did not dwindle at all.

Held annually in the junkyard space in Northern Philadelphia that Steve Bilenky shares his workshop, this race brings together the best and goofiest in the cylcocross community. Racers compete for glory as they navigate through tunnels of shipping containers, climb over broken down cars, ride over a huge teeter-totter and run through a trailer, all the while receiving words of “encouragement” from hecklers. This is a race like none other and continues to be something special for the entire cycling community, both near and far.


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