Prolly is Not Probably’s Year in Review


Prolly is Not Probably’s Year in Review


Well, I hope you all had a great New Year. I’m assuming most of you are back to work now and probably have some time to kill today during your lunch break so I invite you to check out a year in review. 2011 brought about a lot of traveling for me and like the increase in frequent flier miles, the site’s content continues to rack up. International, cross-continental and bi-coastal travels brought me to shops, events and in front of Beautiful Bicycles.

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This year started out with me soaking up the eerily-warm Austin winter. Puckett and I rode a lot together. He would be on his BMX and I’d be on my fixed freestyle. AJ would come up from San Marcos and it was one of the first times in months that I really enjoyed riding. A few week’s later, Tony came down from Philly to ride. We hit the usual spots and avoided the rain as much as we could.

Life stayed this way for the beginning of the year. Shooting photos of BMX, fixed, riding track bikes and road rides is how I spent my days. I had begun to talk to the Geekhouse guys about my touring bike, in preparation for the North American Handmade Bicycle show.

Before I knew it, the bike was in Austin, sitting at the show. NAHBS was one of the biggest accomplishments for the site this year, forcing me to “work” during all the fun but I can say with confidence that the best coverage from this year’s event was right here.

As with each year, NAHBS produced some fine subjects to be documented and proved to be a great time to chat with friends.

It was also when Chris Bishop and I began to discuss my road bike for 2012…

Shortly after, I decided I wanted to stay in Austin, so I went back to NYC to move all of my belongings and say goodbye to friends and their shops. I went to Affinity, Outlier, Brooklyn Machine Works, NYC Velo, Grime and Continuum.

A week later, I found myself in Boston, working on a project. So I swung through Arc En Ciel.

From there, it was off to SF for the Red Bull RideNStyle event.

I got to shoot photos at the Mash Twin Peaks time trial. I took so many photos of the riders.

And I visited Andrew at LOW Bicycles and just hung out around town.

Once I was back in Austin, I left immediately for Boston once again. I swung by Geekhouse to see what they had been working on and met with Ian from Icarus to talk about a track bike.

Then it was off to Firefly to see what Tyler and Jamie had been up to (which was a lot!).

Shortly after, the Toyota Prius Project was announced and I found myself back in Austin for a short period of time.

When my flight got cancelled to go to #MWM2, I hung around for the Odyssey Texas Toast BMX Jam here in town.

Then, Tom and Tony came into town for a lil R&R (riding and relaxing). We had a few days of riding.

And I got one of my favorite photos of the year at 5-Hip.

Then, my buddy Chad made a video from the week.

When Lauren’s job offered to send her to Melbourne for two months, I tagged along and absorbed the quality cycling community there.

I rode with the M-Base guys. And hung out at Saint Cloud, where I took some photos.

Andy from Fyxo took me on a road ride.

Then we went on a cross ride.

The next morning, I finally got to take some photos at Shifterbikes and then, I headed to meet Mick at Busyman Bicycles.

Once I returned from Australia, I was back in NYC, where I rode with Tom, Torey, the Hold Fast crew and Oscar.

Back in Austin, for more FGFS riding and shooting

And we were off to Hawaii.

Then, I ventured out to Portland, where I visited Chris King, shot some photos for the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race and hung out, before leaving on my tour. 850 miles in 9 days, fully loaded on my Geekhouse Woodville. From Portland to SF, I spent some time thinking about the year that was almost over.

From SF to Austin and back to Las Vegas for Interbike.

Then, a friend made some chainrings.

And I put together a new ride for Lauren.

Tony came back to hang.

And friends came in town for the NACCC.

So I did my thing and awaited peace and quiet.

Which can only be found on the saddle, in the hills.

But before I knew it, I was back in Philly, where I got my favorite photo of the year, as Tom got ups.

Then, it was off to the Philly Bike Expo.

Where I bid farewell to old friends

And said hello to new ones.

Weeks later, I was back to NYC to shoot photos for Charge.

And I took some more photos for Affinity.

Then, there was this

Which took me back out to street spots in Austin with friends both new and old.

A last-minute travel request brought me out to LA, where I took more photos of cross bikes and visited SWRVE.

I dunno if you heard but ‘cross is big in the States right now… Even tracklocross.

Soon, I was back in the arms of my lady, awaiting for 2011 to end and 2012 to begin. Here we are now, in the new year and I can only imagine what it’ll bring.

Thanks for hanging on during the ride!