Prolly is not Probably: Photo Caption Contest 01


Prolly is not Probably: Photo Caption Contest 01

Photo by Chris Torres

Every once and a while something comes in across my inbox that just makes my day. Chris emailed this photo of his buddy Jeff doing a curb-endo on a dumpster. Well, more like a face-endo on a dumpster. I was originally going to just post it up with some witty caption underneath it but I figured I’d leave that up to you guys.

Leave a comment OR photoshop your entry and embed it in the comments section using the width=500 tag. If you want to do this, you can download a high-res version here. I’ll be more inclined to lean towards someone who photoshops their entry; hint hint. The best caption wins. What do you win? Whatever I can stuff into a flat-rate USPS box. I’ve got a mountain of stickers and other miscellaneous tidbits from sponsors sitting around. Not to be a pain, but US-addresses only.

Now… GO!

Edit: I’ll let this run through today and end it at Midnight Eastern Time.