Vittoria 1976 Classic Carbon Road Shoes

So here’s a factoid you might not have been aware of: Vittoria shoes, the brand, are in fact older than Vittoria tires. Don’t ask me why Vittoria tires decided to take their name but the main point to take away from this is that Vittoria shoes have been around a very long time.

When they re-issued their classic cycling shoes a few years back, people applauded them. The 1976 line was before any other company went for that “vintage look” and Vittoria is one of the few manufacturers that have said experience under their laces. Naturally, when they reached out to me to try out a pair of the 1976 Classic Carbon Road Shoes with a carbon sole, I did and have been riding them for a little longer than a month.

Right out of the box, they’ve proven to be just as comfortable and durable as any modern road shoe and I have yet to critique anything in their design. People complain about the laces but if you’ve been riding long enough, you know how tight or loose you need to have your shoes. I have yet to adjust them on a ride. The leather is incredibly durable and the vented perforations keep your feet cool, even in the Texas summer heat. To boot, they’re made by hand in Italy. In one word: perfetto!

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