PiNP Week in Review 01.29.2012


PiNP Week in Review 01.29.2012


This week saw a good amount of fixed freestyle videos, mixed in with some other gems. Check out the PiNP Week in Review:

01. SYD_
I’m in Sydney, doing my thing and this week, I’ll be visiting shops, going on rides and meeting many new people. Keep an eye on the blog and apologies for the strange posting schedule.

02. Wolf Drawn: LBC 2 ATX
Matt unleashed the beast this week, documenting the LBC 2 ATX trip. Unfortunately, now we have to carry a measuring tape with us when we ride.

03. 44RN 144#47 Raidô Contest
In Elder Futhark, an Old Norwegian language, Raidô means ride or journey. This contest wants you to share yours through a photo.

04. Jonathan Davis Into the Unknown
This dude rips it up to none other than Electric Wizard.

05. Riding the Long White Cloud
Our favorite skaters from days of yore got on some bikes for a little tour.

06. Beautiful Bicycle: Gus’ SE 26″ Fixed
SE’s new 26″ fixed frameset has been getting rad underneath Gus for the past few months. I gave it some lens love at House Park while he was visiting in Austin.

07. ILE Inside Line Equipment: Prime DSLR Backpack
The new bag from ILE takes on a smaller package, much like your Prime lenses.

08. Bmore Fixed: Druids Path
Bmore Fixed does their thing in the streets of Charm City.

09. Balhogs Wax
It’s wax, made from the fat of the swine and will turn any ledge into a shredding shrine.

10. Product Review: Laplander City Panniers
After weeks of use, I finally got around to shooting photos of Lauren’s Laplander City Panniers.